Discussion on the use and implementation of the Raft consensus algorithm. https://raft.github.io

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Voting and appending for the old leader. Savvas Savvides 6/7/18
what should we do when majority of cluster down? Shaoyi Ning 6/4/18
High performance raft library/system moranti...@gmail.com 5/30/18
What happens if the log index number reaches the maximum variable value? Ivan Pim 5/8/18
Adding distributed transactions to rqlite (Raft-based SQLite database) Philip O'Toole 4/23/18
what will happend to replicated but uncommited logs in raft protocol raftwalking 4/23/18
Transaction validation in raft Raphael Simsek 4/3/18
Consistency of Raft while leader fails Mujahid Masood 3/22/18
[Question] About term behaviors yihao yang 3/20/18
Migrate data for replicating log Chuyen Luong 3/14/18
Only Leader election - for scheduled jobs Ngm 3/14/18
Can not finish candidate state Thông Phạm Văn 3/1/18
Will the behavior “Committing entries from previous terms” of raft cause unexpected result? Dehai Chen 2/28/18
Re: [raft-dev] JOB OPPORTUNITY: BlockChain Solution Architect Role for a Los Angeles Based Blockchain Company John Ousterhout 2/26/18
Two leaders will take turns for ever if they are not connected to each other? Penn (Dapeng) Zhang 2/25/18
Who tells the client about the leader node in the cluster ? rahul bawa 2/16/18
Raft to Raft communication Matthew Hall 2/7/18
when does the leader starts replicating log to slower peers? Hui Kang 2/4/18
Lock and leadership election in RAFT andy maule 1/30/18
Breaking out the failure detector Martin Furmanski 1/30/18
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