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unsafety about leadership tranform jin deng 1:23 AM
How to join candidate which term is larger than leader's term Thông Phạm Văn 12/13/17
Re: [raft-dev] unsafety about leader transfer operation Jordan Halterman (kuujo) 12/11/17
Re: how to solve this uncommitted log problem? Юрий Соколов 12/11/17
How a node in candidate can vote for other node Thông Phạm Văn 12/10/17
Cluster re-set/start with old state Robert Erneborg 12/6/17
the contradiction about uncommitted logs jin deng 11/28/17
Leadership change and Snapshotting Ensar Basri Kahveci 11/28/17
Why not allow tie breaking? David Roundy 11/25/17
old leader rejoin the cluster question Zhihao Yao 11/18/17
Question about the raft phd version that it said zab support fifo client order 陈宗志 11/10/17
Re: [raft-dev] Atomic broadcast example using raft Martin Hedenfalk 11/8/17
Bug in the raft paper and proposed solution (found because of problem with hashicorp implementation) Jelte Fennema 10/31/17
What if the majority fail? Daniel Shen 10/23/17
ANN: Hashicorp's Raft library to start using tags pre...@hashicorp.com 9/29/17
In RAFT is it possible to have a majority consensus on a log entry but the entry is not committed? jltq...@gmail.com 9/25/17
Question about several implementations of leader election? Terry Tan 9/24/17
Experience of using LogCabin in production yinyong zheng 9/21/17
No need odd number node? Zzy Onley 9/6/17
A question about network partition of cluster Zzy Onley 9/5/17
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