Discussion on the use and implementation of the Raft consensus algorithm. https://raft.github.io

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Automatic replica recovery Maxime Caron 7/15/16
Raft distributed consensus - Leader election as standalone component Ngm 7/13/16
Raft usage in production sriram subramanian 7/4/16
Is it OK ask for code review here? Ngm 6/30/16
bug in single-server membership changes Diego Ongaro 6/24/16
Batching, latency and throughput Hugues Evrard 6/16/16
Raft algorithm computational complexity? okmanek okmanek 6/7/16
Process / Flow Control Philip Haynes 6/5/16
Raft php implementation Waqee Khalid 5/30/16
How does raft handle disk failure? Renjie Liu 5/27/16
Cluster re-set/start with old state Robert Erneborg 5/27/16
Newb questions about crypto/dapps Glen Simister 5/23/16
old leader rejoin the cluster question Zhihao Yao 5/6/16
How to accept newly joined node which is not in the initial cluster list without restarting cluster? Orion Naga 4/21/16
Questions about consensus for raft George Samman 4/17/16
Questions on scalability in Raft George Samman 4/17/16
Improving weak read consistency in raft Alex Bligh 4/11/16
[ANN] rqlite v2 -- SQLite replication with Hashicorp Raft philip...@yahoo.com 4/11/16
how raft solves the problem of last entries being overwritten by next term leader raftwalking 4/10/16
Raft on high unreliable networks and Android devices Luca Lovagnini 4/5/16
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