Discussion on the use and implementation of the Raft consensus protocol. https://raftconsensus.github.io

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Is it safe to send multiple entries in one AppendEntries call? Luca Lovagnini 10:37 AM
Integration into currently planned architecture Blaž Križaj 6:52 AM
On Commit index persistence, lastApplied and matchIndex Pablo Sebastián Medina 1:46 AM
Raft in the Morning Paper Heidi Howard 3/3/15
Raft and data stored in RAMCloud Boaz Leskes 2/26/15
Possible error in Raft Paper? Luca Lovagnini 2/18/15
Is it pratical to implement a raid using raft Skype Xu 2/13/15
Raft Refloated Kijana Woodard 2/13/15
Raft and connectivity Vasileios Anagnostopoulos 2/13/15
RPC timeout & retry Arnout Kazemier 2/13/15
should commit index be persistent? Skype Xu 2/12/15
Question about removing the current leader Xinjing Cho 2/12/15
is it ok for a leader to reject pre-vote rpc? Xinjing Cho 2/7/15
How can this situation occur in the log? sriram srinivasan 2/4/15
Does a heartbeat has an additional purpose? Gerry 2/4/15
Abstracting the Raft algorithm in Copycat Jordan Halterman (kuujo) 1/29/15
Raft and Byzantines Charles Hoskinson 1/27/15
Is raft automatically proved? Vasileios Anagnostopoulos 1/23/15
recovering minority clusters from a network split Anirban Rahut 1/14/15
Minor change to make candidate less disruptive to election coder zn 1/13/15
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