Discussion on the use and implementation of the Raft consensus algorithm. https://raft.github.io

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Raft on high unreliable networks and Android devices Luca Lovagnini 2/13/16
Are writes handled by leader only? Marek Denis 2/10/16
Innovations in client communication and log compaction in Copycat Jordan Halterman (kuujo) 2/1/16
how raft solves the problem of last entries being overwritten by next term leader raftwalking 1/10/16
what will happend to replicated but uncommited logs in raft protocol raftwalking 1/10/16
Possible lack of clarity in raft thesis Alex Bligh 1/6/16
Interaction of section 6.3 (Linearizability) and section 6.2 (routing to leader) in the raft thesis Alex Bligh 1/6/16
InfluxDB and Raft -- Meetup in San Francisco Philip O'Toole 12/20/15
Clarification: Is the follower's term incremented when it receives a request_vote RPC? Jaseem Abid 12/15/15
Determining which servers are available Alex Bligh 12/15/15
Membership replacement order Alex Goltman 12/15/15
Why the "Raft" name? Diego Ongaro 12/15/15
Help with isolated node scenario Valeriano Tortola 12/10/15
The commit index after a leader election PatC 11/23/15
Questions regarding AppendEntry RPC response. Jaseem Abid 11/22/15
A quorum check before becoming a candidate Alex Goltman 11/19/15
Some question about single-server reconfiguration Wang Yao 11/15/15
consensus: Leader crash after a majority of servers duplicate the entry but don't reply to client james edward 11/13/15
Suggestion about hot-swap application version upgrade Thiago Vidal 11/12/15
Cluster Startup Understanding and implications of modifications Philip Haynes 11/6/15
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