Discussion on the use and implementation of the Raft consensus algorithm. https://raft.github.io

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Multi-DC RAFT extensions Philip Haynes 11/28/16
RAFT implementaion with UDP or TCP Orion Naga 11/27/16
raft "locations" concept proposal Samo Pogačnik 11/24/16
A special case for raft consistency Wang Yao 11/19/16
Adding guarantee that there will be a single leader at any moment of time Filipp Ozinov 11/18/16
raft node and safety (authenticaton of nodes) Luo Pei'en 11/10/16
Abstracting the Raft algorithm in Copycat Jordan Halterman (kuujo) 11/10/16
Bug about Major compaction and Minor Compaction in copy cat Terry Tan 10/25/16
Removing tombsone entries in copycat Terry Tan 10/24/16
Question about snapshot in copycat Terry Tan 10/24/16
alternative way to avoid double voting within a term thus avoiding need for 'hard state' Alex Evans 10/21/16
Question about global index in copycat Terry Tan 10/21/16
Question about Committing entries from previous terms Jaedong Tang 10/17/16
A question about Receiver implementation for AppendEntries RPC check point 5 Jaedong Tang 10/15/16
Implementing a lock in raft Yongxing Deng 10/14/16
Simple optimization - is it safe? Archie Cobbs 10/9/16
bug in single-server membership changes Diego Ongaro 9/15/16
On Commit index persistence, lastApplied and matchIndex Pablo Sebastián Medina 9/15/16
A more flexible Paxos Sugu Sougoumarane 9/8/16
Request for clarification regarding the identification of delayed+duplicated AppendEntries replies Johann Borck 9/7/16
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