Discussion on the use and implementation of the Raft consensus algorithm. https://raft.github.io

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AddServer / RemoveServer Linearizability (single membership changes) Jason Teplitz 4/23/17
Understanding the TLA spec Chris Cleveland 4/17/17
Log sytem in copycat Terry Tan 4/16/17
Server promote and demote in copycat Terry Tan 4/14/17
Persistent commit index if state machine is persistent? Алексей Корчевский 4/13/17
Question about session expired in copycat Terry Tan 4/10/17
Log replication - what happens when the leader cannot replicate to majority of nodes Ngm 4/7/17
Snapshot freqency in copycat Terry Tan 4/6/17
Snapshot Recovery in copycat Terry Tan 4/1/17
Trying to understand log replaying. Jon Bonazza 3/30/17
Writing Log Entries to Persistent Storage Jason Teplitz 3/20/17
Looking for RAFT implementation in C++ with multi-platform support? Mahesh Jena 3/19/17
Question about responses to succesful NULL/empty appendentries i.e. heartbeats brucewayne 2/28/17
Question about voting restarted server as leader zhaoguo wang 2/25/17
Question about returning error Akira Hayakawa 2/25/17
Question about network partition in Raft bo yang 2/22/17
Recovery process in copycat Terry Tan 2/20/17
commit index in copycat Terry Tan 2/14/17
doubt about the leader handles all client requests bo yang 2/14/17
Question about updating the next index for a specific follower brucewayne 2/14/17
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