Discussion on the use and implementation of the Raft consensus algorithm. https://raft.github.io

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doubt about the leader handles all client requests bo yang 1/10/17
how to store term lemon wonder 1/10/17
compaction process in copycat Terry Tan 12/29/16
Question about Committing entries from previous terms bo yang 12/29/16
question about the issue that leader becomes follower lemon wonder 12/28/16
the definition about committed bo yang 12/28/16
How do applications commonly reverse transitions on the follower state machine? Rajiv Kurian 12/28/16
the definition about committed bo yang 12/27/16
some questions about safety and leader election. damnever 12/27/16
Leader election and Candidate Rigging Sam Riyad 12/25/16
It is possible have inconsistency data when network have partition and timer fires inaccuracy zhaoqi 12/15/16
Rolling Back the Log == Discarding Client Requests? Ian Brown 12/13/16
Relationship of state machine and consensus module Matthias Vallentin 12/13/16
New follower can get all the logs? john pradeep 12/7/16
Reading data from libraft agent Shridhar B 12/7/16
Raft.pdf Updates? Ian Brown 12/7/16
How about Raft‘s Consensus when time moves in different speed among different nodes? Jianjun Zheng 12/6/16
Will the Leader send Membership Update to all the Followers in Raft? Heng Chang 12/6/16
RAFT implementaion with UDP or TCP Orion Naga 12/5/16
Multi-DC RAFT extensions Philip Haynes 12/5/16
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