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Who tells the client about the leader node in the cluster ? rahul bawa 2/16/18
Raft to Raft communication Matthew Hall 2/7/18
when does the leader starts replicating log to slower peers? Hui Kang 2/4/18
Lock and leadership election in RAFT andy maule 1/30/18
Breaking out the failure detector Martin Furmanski 1/30/18
Re: how to solve this uncommitted log problem? Юрий Соколов 1/30/18
Why not allow tie breaking? David Roundy 1/30/18
Leader crash on configuration change Thông Phạm Văn 1/17/18
Only Leader election - for scheduled jobs Ngm 1/16/18
How to do when majority of nodes fail but the network is ok, maybe because of something else shanc...@gmail.com 1/15/18
Handling slow I/O Ayende Rahien 1/10/18
Migrate data for replicating log Chuyen Luong 1/9/18
Log replication - what happens when the leader cannot replicate to majority of nodes Ngm 1/2/18
If our RPCs are implemented on top of TCP, when should we create new TCP connections? Max Marrone 12/26/17
Cluster membership change and split brain Thông Phạm Văn 12/19/17
Raft log representation Thông Phạm Văn 12/19/17
A simple optimization makes followers become newer faster. Jianjun Zheng 12/18/17
unsafety about leadership tranform cheney 12/18/17
How to join candidate which term is larger than leader's term Thông Phạm Văn 12/13/17
Re: [raft-dev] unsafety about leader transfer operation Jordan Halterman (kuujo) 12/11/17
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