Discussion on the use and implementation of the Raft consensus algorithm. https://raft.github.io

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bug in single-server membership changes Diego Ongaro 9/15/16
On Commit index persistence, lastApplied and matchIndex Pablo Sebastián Medina 9/15/16
A more flexible Paxos Sugu Sougoumarane 9/8/16
Request for clarification regarding the identification of delayed+duplicated AppendEntries replies Johann Borck 9/7/16
log persistence craftiness for improving performance of linearizable read Hitoshi Mitake 8/25/16
Raft leader timeout yoda...@finitestateresearch.com 8/18/16
HA Characteristics for Applications that implement Raft vs0522 8/12/16
Only leader can handle the change request, so does the leader would be the bottleneck? Yucheng Jing 8/8/16
copy cat codes problem Terry Tan 8/6/16
I really want to know how i find first leader?? Choi SW 8/6/16
raft order Terry Tan 8/6/16
Abstracting the Raft algorithm in Copycat Jordan Halterman (kuujo) 8/5/16
ExecutionException while using CopyClient Raghav Babu 8/2/16
Automatic replica recovery Maxime Caron 7/15/16
Raft distributed consensus - Leader election as standalone component Ngm 7/13/16
Raft usage in production sriram subramanian 7/4/16
Is it OK ask for code review here? Ngm 6/30/16
Batching, latency and throughput Hugues Evrard 6/16/16
Raft algorithm computational complexity? okmanek okmanek 6/7/16
Process / Flow Control Philip Haynes 6/5/16
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