Discussion on the use and implementation of the Raft consensus algorithm. https://raft.github.io

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Atomic broadcast example using raft frozent 10/16/17
ANN: Hashicorp's Raft library to start using tags pre...@hashicorp.com 9/29/17
In RAFT is it possible to have a majority consensus on a log entry but the entry is not committed? jltq...@gmail.com 9/25/17
Question about several implementations of leader election? Terry Tan 9/24/17
Experience of using LogCabin in production yinyong zheng 9/21/17
No need odd number node? Zzy Onley 9/6/17
A question about network partition of cluster Zzy Onley 9/5/17
Prevote with different prevote sets Chuyen Luong 8/29/17
Raft algorithm computational complexity? okmanek okmanek 8/28/17
candidate problem Pedro Teixeira 8/27/17
Reusing raft/node id anshul...@docker.com 8/20/17
Re: [raft-dev] Question about replicating log with safety Jordan Halterman (kuujo) 8/17/17
[Question] Client's failed request Injun Song 8/17/17
Question about network partition in Raft bo yang 8/13/17
[Question] request processing parallelization in raft. zhijun 8/11/17
RequestVote Receiver behavior questions Hao Ren 7/29/17
Ask for advise about proving raft by paxos. Jianjun Zheng 7/21/17
Should RPC be synchronous or asynchronous ? What about retry mechanism ? Hao Ren 7/19/17
Infinite Leader Election if network is not stable ? Hao Ren 7/16/17
Can an agent's log be cleared when removed under these assumptions? Alex Goltman 7/5/17
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