Discussion on the use and implementation of the Raft consensus algorithm. https://raft.github.io

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FAB design paper Bhavin Thaker 9/29/15
Aproblem about Logcabin cwcwf...@gmail.com 9/29/15
Potential problem of deadlock with membership change Hitoshi Mitake 9/28/15
How to respond to RPC not intended for specific instance Brian Hulse 9/22/15
Does Raft rely on well-behaved clocks for consistency guarantees? Jason Ganetsky 9/20/15
What is a 'counting replica'? Colin Scott 9/17/15
Updated my paper: 4 modifications for Raft consensus Henrik Ingo 9/16/15
[LogCabin] About two-nodes cluster son...@huawei.com 9/15/15
How to prevent leader thrashing in asymmetric partition? Chandra Sekar S 9/14/15
Confusion with last log term and last log index Valeriano Tortola 9/8/15
Is there any performance assessment for RAFT implementation? sangyun-han 8/25/15
Paper: 3 modifications to Raft consensus Henrik Ingo 8/22/15
Raft paper question regarding ranks and elections K 8/20/15
commited questions Paul Moore 8/19/15
About the election timeout Mark Chang 8/18/15
Coq proof of Raft Aaron Ounn 8/10/15
Missing confirmation for log entries in RAFT visualisation Tim Janik 8/5/15
[LogCabin] Raft-StateMachine-Tree association Blaž Križaj 8/4/15
To Be or Not To Be Committed? Jared Flatow 8/3/15
Is it right in introduction of wiki? sangyun-han 7/30/15
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