QuTiP: Quantum Toolbox in Python

Welcome to the QuTiP users Group.  To join, just post a message!
Note this group is for help in installing or using the toolkit, or general idea for the project. 
For issues and ideas about, and contributions to, the QuTiP code go to the QuTiP GitHub
If you need help using QuTiP please look through the old posts before submitting a new one.

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Windows Installations Alex Pitchford 8/26/16
Linux installation Alex Pitchford 8/24/16
Mac installations Alex Pitchford 8/8/16
qutip packages on the conda-forge Alex Pitchford 5/10/16
ANN: QuTiP 3.1.0 Robert Johansson 5/5/15
ANN: Change in QuTiP Developers Paul Nation 3/11/15
ANN: QuTiP 3.0.1 release Robert Johansson 8/5/14
ANN: QuTiP 3.0.0 release Robert Johansson 8/4/14
NEW VERSION: QuTiP 2.2.0 Robert Johansson 6/4/13
Speed up of time evolution of simple Hamiltonian wgo...@googlemail.com 8:19 AM
Call for Papers (www.ijaceeonline.com) - Reg. Ijacee Online 9/26/16
photon number statistics mehrosadate...@gmail.com 9/23/16
Optimal control kuk...@gmail.com 9/23/16
Re: Quantum Control: Custom initial pulses Alex Pitchford 9/23/16
About obtaining Mollow Triplet Alperen Tüğen 9/21/16
Call for Papers (www.ijaceeonline.com) - Reg. Ijacee Online 9/15/16
Installation problems and mesolve/sesolve issues wgo...@googlemail.com 9/14/16
Pure state propagator Susanna Kirchhoff 9/8/16
Which function is more efficient to calculate spectrum? Pu ZHANG 9/6/16
What is the best way to take the control amplitudes generated by the optimal control routines and use them with mesolve / mcsolve? Bill Huggins 9/1/16
Problem with simulation of non linear adiabatic process Yonato 8/29/16
LinAlgError: singular matrix Pu ZHANG 8/28/16
Which Hamiltonian to use? Pu ZHANG 8/24/16
Schrodinger or Interaction picture hamiltonian? Pu ZHANG 8/24/16
exponential time dependent collapse operator Oscar B 8/23/16
Negative Dissipation (Gain) mehrosadate...@gmail.com 8/22/16
Steady state or real time solver? Pu ZHANG 8/18/16
sin matrix element Long Nguyen 8/18/16
Problems with time-dependant Hamiltonian p.e...@t-online.de 8/6/16
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