QuTiP: Quantum Toolbox in Python

Welcome to the QuTiP users Group.  To join, just post a message!
Note this group is for help in installing or using the toolkit, or general idea for the project. 
For issues and ideas about, and contributions to, the QuTiP code go to the QuTiP GitHub
If you need help using QuTiP please look through the old posts before submitting a new one.

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Windows Installations Alex Pitchford 9/21/17
QuTiP 4.2.0 released July 28th, 2017. Paul Nation 9/5/17
qutip packages on the conda-forge Alex Pitchford 7/14/17
Linux installation Alex Pitchford 6/13/17
June 14-16 2017: Three-part lecture on simulating quantum optical systems @ Dartmouth College Paul Nation 6/6/17
Mac installations Alex Pitchford 5/12/17
ANN: QuTiP 4.1.0 Paul Nation 5/7/17
Version 4.0 released Alex Pitchford 1/11/17
ANN: QuTiP 3.1.0 Robert Johansson 5/5/15
ANN: Change in QuTiP Developers Paul Nation 3/11/15
ANN: QuTiP 3.0.1 release Robert Johansson 8/5/14
ANN: QuTiP 3.0.0 release Robert Johansson 8/4/14
NEW VERSION: QuTiP 2.2.0 Robert Johansson 6/4/13
How to construct an operator by keeping the upper triangular elements of a known operator Pu ZHANG 7:14 AM
How do I specify a location for the image files generated by QubitCircuit.svg, etc.? Roy Levien 9/24/17
Re: Import qutip error Alex Pitchford 9/20/17
Visual Studio 2015 Clinton Potts 9/20/17
import qutip problem Tamin Tai 9/15/17
Two errors (td_brmesolve) in QuTip installation on Mac ziwei....@gmail.com 9/14/17
There are some errors in installation syli...@gmail.com 9/12/17
Unable to Import QuTip After Installation Matthew Rushworth 9/8/17
Problem in compiling "Master equation solver: Vacuum Rabi oscillations " MADHAV SINGH 9/7/17
Steady state solver not working on python 3.6 Bharath Kannan 9/5/17
More QuTiP notebook examples for correlations Kevin Fischer 9/4/17
PDF User Guide? Chris Chang 8/31/17
trouble in installing qutip mwase...@gmail.com 8/31/17
Adiabatic Quantum Computing Simulation Steven Heidel 8/30/17
A proposal about Qobj.eigenstates() and other eigen solver : no sorting option. 蔡家麒 8/30/17
REgarding a function for integration from zero to t Jitendra Verma 8/30/17
Changing the sign inside Collapse Operator Class Alperen Tüğen 8/30/17
output.states not showing anything for multi-qubit system anir...@gmail.com 8/30/17
Dimensions problem of Lindblad superoperator Bhatti 8/29/17
qutip instal theerth...@gmail.com 8/28/17
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