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QuTiP to no longer be actively developed (maintenance still on going) Paul Nation 6/17/15
ANN: QuTiP 3.1.0 Robert Johansson 5/5/15
ANN: Change in QuTiP Developers Paul Nation 3/11/15
ANN: QuTiP 3.0.1 release Robert Johansson 8/5/14
ANN: QuTiP 3.0.0 release Robert Johansson 8/4/14
NEW VERSION: QuTiP 2.2.0 Robert Johansson 6/4/13
store_states=True works with mesolve() but not mcsolve()? Ruvi Lecamwasam 8/25/15
QuTip succesfully installed, but, error when running unit tests (on Mac OSX). Ryan Sweke 8/21/15
installing problem of QuTiP in W8 Bakhrom Yavidov 8/19/15
about arbitrary H_0 and V(x) in Floquet formalism Bakhrom Yavidov 8/18/15
Time dependent Hamiltonian in bloch-redfield master equation solver jason khadka 8/6/15
Bug? Cython & complex number multiplication zmi...@gmail.com 8/5/15
qutip for CentOS 6.6 Sareh Alavi 7/22/15
subplot and hinton plotting Daniel Berman 7/16/15
Re: I have problem with installation of qutip under windows with xypython Paul Nation 7/16/15
I have problem with installation of qutip under windows with xypython Stéphane Le Bec 7/14/15
Simulating Hong-Ou-Mandel effect Doug Hodson 7/12/15
problem with multithreads Sofia Pazzagli 7/8/15
Matrix element from eigenvectors vali...@gmail.com 7/6/15
num_collapse=0 in results returned from mesolve even if collapse operators are given kristi...@gmail.com 7/1/15
dealing w/ N 2-level atoms Sofia Pazzagli 6/12/15
Pauli Transfer Matrix Daniel Berman 6/7/15
Modifying Hamiltonian when collapse operators are applied Ruvi Lecamwasam 6/7/15
error of compilation under python for qutip (linux debian7) Stéphane Le Bec 6/3/15
how to generate time dependent Poisson noise in semsolve yi li 5/27/15
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