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ANN: QuTiP 3.1.0 Robert Johansson 5/4/15
ANN: Change in QuTiP Developers Paul Nation 3/11/15
ANN: QuTiP 3.0.1 release Robert Johansson 8/5/14
ANN: QuTiP 3.0.0 release Robert Johansson 8/4/14
NEW VERSION: QuTiP 2.2.0 Robert Johansson 6/4/13
mcsolve convergence Mikkel Heuck 4/27/15
Is there a bug in steadystate function!? Hassan Bassereh 4/27/15
Caution about Qutip-3.1.0 and its compatibility with Python(x,y) 2.7.9 shabir barzanjeh 4/27/15
Problem in installing qutip in windows 7 熊伟 4/22/15
close quantum system Cathy 4/21/15
QubitCircuit dosen't export to png file Xiao Liang 4/17/15
improved ptrace for pure states Rajeev Singh 4/17/15
steady states with iterative methods Jake Iles-Smith 4/14/15
mcsolve: putting the state into e_ops Ka Wa Yip 4/6/15
How to extract scalar out of quantum object? Ka Wa Yip 4/6/15
Loop count parfor Pol Forn Diaz 4/6/15
Comparision steady state and mesolve at infinity Hassan Bassereh 4/1/15
reusing cython files with mcsolve? Paul Haljan 3/31/15
Problem with emission spectrum function (an its diverse methods) Javier Del Pino Gutiérrez 3/24/15
mcsolve Mikkel Heuck 3/21/15
Question about MESOLVE Shruti Puri 3/18/15
length of mesolver result is 1 Xiao Liang 3/17/15
errors in several (str format) test Windows Mikkel Heuck 3/17/15
load and saving .qu file between Mac and Windows Mikkel Heuck 3/9/15
Cython compilation error for time-dependent Hamiltonian Vlad Negnevitsky 3/9/15
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