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ANN: QuTiP 3.1.0 Robert Johansson 5/5/15
ANN: Change in QuTiP Developers Paul Nation 3/11/15
ANN: QuTiP 3.0.1 release Robert Johansson 8/5/14
ANN: QuTiP 3.0.0 release Robert Johansson 8/4/14
NEW VERSION: QuTiP 2.2.0 Robert Johansson 6/4/13
What is the preferred way of applying an operator to a product state? Muhammad Saad 2/3/16
Performing Measurements Kyle 2/3/16
Module Attribute Error on Windows jackr...@gmail.com 2/2/16
second order correlation function for a coupled atom cavity system as a function of detuning jakeb...@googlemail.com 1/28/16
Limit on number of basis states Joe Bowen 1/18/16
qt.run() error Max Fang 1/8/16
qsave error michi....@gmail.com 12/20/15
compiler error in anaconda qutip Casey Fitzpatrick 12/20/15
Possible bug in time dependent evolution M Cotrufo 12/17/15
Optimal control using a different cost/payoff function simon...@gmail.com 12/14/15
How to model two-levle atom with vibrational sublevels? ustc...@gmail.com 12/13/15
spectral density with "countstat_current_noise" Oscar B 12/12/15
In mcsolve, how can I change my environment qubits to be 1) measured in a different basis, 2) started in a superposition state? Ka Wa Yip 11/28/15
Control objective fucntion phase option D Lucarelli 11/24/15
Bug? Cython & complex number multiplication zmi...@gmail.com 11/17/15
mcsolve windows freeze_support() Joe Bowen 11/13/15
Anaconda CE + OS X Yosemeti 10.10.5 Installation Bobby 11/13/15
Anaconda install no Fortran mcsolver s.rest...@gmail.com 11/9/15
Installing Qutip Anaconda 64bit Windows 8 Ron B. 11/8/15
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