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Re: How to serialize and deserialize QueryDSL Expressions? (unknown) 5/20/15
Querydsl 4.0.0 released timowest 5/19/15
Support for Lucene 5.0? Sylvain Deschenes 5/19/15
Query DSL support for ehcache Gilbert Grant 5/17/15
Subquery returning tuple? where (a, b) not in (select c, d from ...) dimgel 5/13/15
Null constant on constructor Projection Daniel Rodrigues da Cunha Frank 5/12/15
Wrong SQL dialect in generated query? Cezille S 5/12/15
Reusable QueryDSL JPA query with IN clause parameter Lawrence Fanizza 5/12/15
setLockMode() error on JPAUpdateClause with Hibernate 4.3.8 Michael Tontchev 5/11/15
Native SQL generation to be used for Apache Phoenix Emerson 5/10/15
How to query that a collection does NOT contain something? WT 5/8/15
Illegal query with FROM and tables starting with a number Andre Schemschat 5/6/15
What does JPASubQuery's from() method with a CollectionExpression parameter do? Michael Tontchev 5/6/15
orderBy(...) in JPASubQuery - goes against JPQL specs Michael Tontchev 5/5/15
Why do limit() and offset() exist for JPASubQuery if they're not supported? Michael Tontchev 5/4/15
When to use explicit joins instead of path traversal? Michael Tontchev 4/30/15
Is this guaranteed behavior of JPAQuery, JPASubQuery, JPAUpdateClause, and JPADeleteClause? Michael Tontchev 4/28/15
non-static variable role cannot be referenced from a static context- JDO Querydsl Moumita das 4/22/15
Failed JPASubQuery with count() in projection (Causes parse error in OpenJPA) Mats 4/22/15
What is the point of normalize() in com.mysema.query.support.QueryMixin ? Michael Tontchev 4/21/15
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