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Possibility of specifying table and column name mappings dynamically via interface implementation Balázs Zsoldos 8/24/16
Rank over partition by - throwing "No pattern found for RANK" Sushilendra Tasgaonkar 8/24/16
2 adjacent integer segments in UUID being subtracted when being passed to an "in" clause Anton Bosch 8/21/16
Using Querydsl to execute/bind external SQL-strings Samppa Saarela 8/18/16
Can i generate Qclasses for a pojo rohith reddy 8/16/16
how to generate Q class via plugin not use annotaion cloudsher 8/16/16
Casting required for queries with multiple entity paths Dmytro Maidaniuk 8/15/16
Left join on the property Andrei 8/11/16
Using fully qualified names in generated query clases Hildebrandt Hauke 8/11/16
QueryDSl, Sorting OneToMany duplciates Aderito Baptista 8/10/16
any plans for prepared querys? Andreas Ernst 8/6/16
Can not access Q Classes generated by querydsl in spring boot and gradle application Ashish Meshram 8/5/16
Complex JPASubQuery in QueryDSL 4 syntax Dmytro Maidaniuk 7/27/16
Join with subquery in Querydsl SQL 4.x Balázs Zsoldos 7/27/16
Inconsistency with generated SQL query when using MathExpressions.round Elena Moreno 7/25/16
StackOverflow error if Projections.fields is used with Subselect.as in selections (4.0.6) Balázs Zsoldos 7/21/16
Inheritance in QueryDSL (unknown) 7/18/16
Inheritance types (unknown) 7/16/16
row count with group by on multiple fields rohith reddy 7/15/16
Downcast problem Pablo Berra 7/15/16
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