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XSAs 296, 298, 301, and 303 do not affect the security of Qubes OS Andrew David Wong 10/31/19
Dropping Debian jessie (oldoldstable) support in R4.0 Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 10/30/19
Changelogs Mike Keehan 10/22/19
Password encryption for individual vm's Blacklight447 10/22/19
socat dependency of qubes-core-dom0 David Hobach 10/21/19
Qubes Canary #21 (signed email) Andrew David Wong 10/14/19
Qubes Canary #21 Andrew David Wong 10/14/19
feature request: automatic managing of cpu and memory allocation qtpie 10/8/19
backup of dom0 Laszlo Zrubecz 9/30/19
Re: [qubes-devel] Gigantic kernel updates taking 25+minutes to dl Demi M. Obenour 9/23/19
Can’t configure network so as to connect to Internet Private Name 9/18/19
Upcoming Qubes presentations at Platform Security Summit 2019 Andrew David Wong 9/17/19
Color palette for label virtual machines Andrzej Andrzej 9/17/19
qubes-builder setup script Achim Patzner 9/15/19
QSB #51: Insufficient validation of backup compression filter on restore Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 9/10/19
HVM VM creation using UEFI ISO problems Martin Thygesen 9/6/19
Reminder: Please help test new updates and provide feedback! Andrew David Wong 9/3/19
Is qemu in dom0 still a no-go? Martin Thygesen 8/27/19
Season of Docs - What could be done Lukas à Porta 8/26/19
Re: AEM ok...@protonmail.com 8/23/19
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