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Intel Speedstep support? Elias Mårtenson 3/24/18
20 Mar 2018 decide whether 4.0-rc5 is the final 4.0 mirek.woj...@gmail.com 3/22/18
XenGT - Full (Intel) GPU virtualization Danny Fullerton 3/21/18
An Admin-API based Vagrant provider: possible/advisable? chris....@gmail.com 3/19/18
Timestamp canaries Innovative Inventor 3/18/18
Panel widget indicating doesn't stop spinning Elias Mårtenson 3/18/18
xl destroy vm-name/ID-number fails axtpq4+b7c...@guerrillamail.com 3/18/18
Route between sys-net and appvm without masquerading/snat at sys-firewall Tom Carroll 3/17/18
QSB #37: Information leaks due to processor speculative execution bugs (XSA-254, Meltdown & Sepctre) Andrew David Wong 3/15/18
Qubes Canary #15 Andrew David Wong 3/15/18
Please use mirrors.edge.kernel.org for Qubes Konstantin Ryabitsev 3/13/18
problems when upgrading to qubes-core-agent_3.2.25-1+deb9u1 Holger Levsen 3/12/18
USB devices disappearing after rebooting fedora-26 Elias Mårtenson 3/11/18
OpenBSD presentation talks about ideas similar to Qubes vic viq 3/10/18
Firewall fixes not in 4.0rc5 stable repo Chris Laprise 3/9/18
GPG-split like application Martin Holst Swende 3/9/18
qvm-revert-template-changes in Qubes 4 Elias Mårtenson 3/8/18
Broadcom Wireless Adapter (PCI-E) BCM4360 joev...@gmail.com 3/7/18
Qubes OS 4.0-rc5 has been released! Andrew David Wong 3/6/18
Announcement/warning: verification of git tag signatures in qubes-builder was broken Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 3/5/18
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