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qubes-firewall script error handling Chris Laprise 10:57 PM
Split-git? Elias Mårtenson 2:29 AM
Qubes 4.0 - there will be rc5 Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 2/17/18
Disposable VMs (Qubes R4.0RC4) & indefinitely logging of dispVM startup/kernel output, etc.? Brendan Hoar 2/17/18
clocksync service is not enabled on any vm's in rc4 Elias Mårtenson 2/17/18
Massive improvement in performance and battery life since switching to pvh Jean-Philippe Ouellet 2/17/18
Invitation to submit ideas for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2018 Andrew David Wong 2/15/18
Humbly drawing attention to a windows-related "bug"/"improvement" Reapette 2/14/18
qemu in Debian 9 on Qubes 4.0rc4 T. Hudson 2/12/18
Kernel regression affecting VM network interface attach/detach operations m.v.b 2/11/18
Display blank / won't refresh image after suspend/resume joev...@gmail.com 2/10/18
[Fwd: Issue #3553: Debian based UpdateVM does not support --action=list or reinstall] awokd 2/10/18
Error: failed to synchronize cache for repo ..." when using Fedora-26 as sys-net joev...@gmail.com 2/10/18
Port Forward using iptables broken? joev...@gmail.com 2/10/18
Are there currently anyone assigned to update Qubes-Windows-Tools? Yuraeitha 2/9/18
Eventual Xen alternatives Scott Tankard 2/8/18
Bug #3265 not fixed in 4.0rc4 Elias Mårtenson 2/5/18
What happened to last year's GSOC submissions? Elias Mårtenson 2/5/18
qubes-url-redirector v2.1 released! Raffaele Florio 2/5/18
R4.0-rc4 installation image considerations Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 2/2/18
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