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Dom0 and processes. drew....@gmail.com 2:38 AM
Debian 9/testing upgrade and issues Chris Laprise 9/24/16
Qubes Security Bulletin #26 Andrew David Wong 9/22/16
TemplateBasedVMs: make selected files and folders located in the root image persistent- review bind-dirs.sh Patrick Schleizer 9/22/16
Qubes Windows Tools - xenvif fail to install Olivier Médoc 9/19/16
verifying keys for code signing or feature request? pixel fairy 9/17/16
Awesome WM andrea...@gmail.com 9/17/16
Experiments with disabling the ME on Sandybridge x230 T. Hudson 9/15/16
Bug#837913: ITP: qubes-utils -- Common Qubes utils for dom0 and VMs Holger Levsen 9/15/16
Bug#837910: ITP: qubes-gui-daemon -- Qubes GUI daemon Holger Levsen 9/15/16
Bug#837908: ITP: qubes-gui-common -- Common files for Qubes GUI - protocol headers Holger Levsen 9/15/16
Bug#837906: ITP: qubes-gui-agent -- Qubes GUI Agent for VMs Holger Levsen 9/15/16
Bug#837905: ITP: libvchan-xen-qubes -- Qubes vchan libraries Holger Levsen 9/15/16
Bug#837903: ITP: qubes-db -- Qubes OS database and tools Holger Levsen 9/15/16
Bug#837902: ITP: qubes-core-agent -- The Qubes core files for VMs Holger Levsen 9/15/16
Bug#837900: ITP: qubes-core-admin-linux -- Linux-specific files for Qubes dom0 Holger Levsen 9/15/16
Bug#837896: ITP: qubes-core-admin -- The Qubes core files (Dom0-side) Holger Levsen 9/15/16
KDE support Laszlo Zrubecz 9/14/16
HVM doesn't boot from USB install media. George Walker 9/12/16
3.2-RC3 Yellow window borders have poorly visible titles with Breeze on KWin Vít Šesták 9/11/16
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