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Re: Request for feedback: 4.9 Kernel Foppe de Haan 4:13 AM
Distinct inter/intra vm clipboard shortcuts Jean-Philippe Ouellet 5/22/17
qubes-core-agent package split Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 5/22/17
Can someone share with me a build configuration for building R4.0 (Pre-RC1) alpha3...@gmail.com 5/22/17
Feature request: Show clipboard size when hitting the magic hotkey Ctrl-Shift-C. tokidev 5/21/17
Translation docs and workflow Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 5/21/17
Fwd: AMD Ryzen working with IOMMU, HCL results attached Bjoern Christoph 5/21/17
Importing non-standard Python Modules Sam Hentschel 5/21/17
Who reviews the translations on Transifex? blacklight 5/20/17
GitLab Hack 5/20/17
qvm-convert-pdf Sam Hentschel 5/18/17
GSoC 2017: Community Bonding Period Andrew Morgan 5/16/17
Tiny improvement for qubes-receive-updates Cyril 5/16/17
Future of windows support? daltong defourne 5/9/17
help with translation blacklight 5/9/17
How secure is Qubes dom0 backup tool encryption? adrelanos grayson 5/7/17
QSB #30: Critical Xen bugs related to PV memory virtualization (XSA-213, XSA-214) Andrew David Wong 5/7/17
Time for Qubes to "Cross The Chasm" Patrick Bouldin 5/7/17
Current status of translating the docs. Offering help. tokidev 5/6/17
SeqBox integration in backup tool? Cyril 5/6/17
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