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Feature request: Emergency shutdown on USB device unplugging Ali Mammadov 6/27/16
Re: pre Sandy bridge IOMMU support (gm45) Thierry Laurion 6/26/16
Qubes 3.2 rc1 has been released! Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 6/26/16
make linux-kernel: "Building packages for fc20 not supported" Rusty Bird 6/25/16
Documentation on combined sys-usb/net VM Jasper Weiss 6/25/16
3.2 Test Initial Impressions - 20160607.iso Tim Collins 6/24/16
Anti Evil Maid PCRs szymo...@gmail.com 6/24/16
Question about nonfree software in Qubes D G 6/22/16
whonix okular and gwenview language corrupted (black squares) tnt_b...@keemail.me 6/21/16
Setting up Yakukake / Redirecting keyboard shortcuts Yoni Jah 6/21/16
Qubes 3.2 - templates Marek Marczykowski-Górecki 6/21/16
Feature: Sanitized / trusted webcam input Chris Laprise 6/18/16
Qubes GUI Agent Supported Desktop Environments? Jeremias E. 6/16/16
Thoughts about moving to a different Documentation platform? Nicklaus McClendon 6/16/16
Build error: missing kernel-devel-4.1.24-9.pvops.qubes.x86_64.rpm (in fc23) mar...@wetwa.re 6/15/16
Build error: missing kernel-devel rpm in fc23 mar...@wetwa.re 6/15/16
Reinitialize Templates Jasper Weiss 6/14/16
Bug#827108: yum: please include --downloadonly patch from upstream Holger Levsen 6/12/16
How to enable testing repositories? Albin Otterhäll 6/12/16
Qubes and Python 3? Jeremias E. 6/11/16
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