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Distributing OS-specific Changes David Hobach 5:00 AM
The Qubes Forum is moving to a new home! Andrew David Wong 6/15/21
Qubes Canary 027 Andrew David Wong 6/14/21
Qubes OS Project now accepting donations in Monero! Andrew David Wong 6/11/21
QSB-069: Multiple Xen and Intel issues Andrew David Wong 6/11/21
QubesOS weekly builds Frédéric Pierret 6/10/21
XSAs released on 2021-06-08 Andrew David Wong 6/8/21
QSB-068: Disconnecting a video output can cause XScreenSaver to crash Andrew David Wong 6/4/21
NitroPad T430 passes hardware certification for Qubes 4.0! Andrew David Wong 6/2/21
Fedora 32 has reached EOL Andrew David Wong 5/25/21
QWT for Qubes R4 with Win10 almost works Neal Krawetz 5/24/21
RFC - Salt formula - distribution and package removal unman 5/22/21
GitHub ticket #5929 disappeared (official Arch Linux template) Rusty Bird 5/10/21
XSAs released on 2021-05-04 Andrew David Wong 5/4/21
New App Menu Survey! 5-10 minutes of your time (from Nina) Andrew David Wong 5/1/21
Fedora 32 approaching EOL Andrew David Wong 4/29/21
Touchscreen support for VMs (#3887, #3337) Alex Barinov 4/27/21
Introducing: Qubes Video Companion v1.0 Elliot Killick 4/21/21
Request for feedback: reflink storage pool & Linux storage stack development Demi Marie Obenour 4/20/21
Storage driver implementation questions Artificial Amateur 4/15/21
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