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returning to the Ring Mark Tarver 6/25/17
Work with Shen? Antti Ylikoski 6/24/17
Tatsuya Tsuda newest 2011 committee member Mark Tarver 6/24/17
bless the finnish fuzzy wozzy 6/22/17
Shen on iOS Tatsuya Tsuda 6/20/17
PVS - latest version Mark Tarver 6/20/17
Error loading provedit! from LPC Vlad Kozin 6/15/17
tBoS p. 229 6/15/17
[ANN] Shen OS Kernel 20.1 Bruno Deferrari 6/14/17
(value *f*) vs (function f) 6/13/17
===== vs synonyms 6/11/17
Solution to exercise 5.1 from PLC and question about negation rule Matúš Kmiť 6/11/17
Shen for Sublime Text 3 Robert Koeninger 6/9/17
new LLambda release soon Mark Tarver 6/9/17
running the kernel through Omega - first complete inductive proof in Llambda Mark Tarver 6/9/17
SP 17.1 released Mark Tarver 5/31/17
[shen-scheme] Chez Scheme support / Does anyone care about shen-scheme supporting chibi/Gauche? Bruno Deferrari 5/29/17
Leaving the Shen community Antti Ylikoski 5/27/17
GitHub now highlights Shen code Robert Koeninger 5/25/17
off to training course Mark Tarver 5/24/17
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