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The Shen language pretty printer Antti Ylikoski 10/22/17
Guy Steele on Computer Science Metanotation Robert Koeninger 10/20/17
Adding ECL support to shen-cl Robert Koeninger 10/20/17
OS graphics game for SP Mark Tarver 10/19/17
standard tests for the Ring; trialing this month Mark Tarver 10/18/17
Intel and the ANN Antti Ylikoski 10/12/17
A functional game in Shen Antti Ylikoski 10/10/17
subscription to SP Mark Tarver 10/10/17
Remove currying from the standard? deech 10/9/17
Shen and the ANN Antti Ylikoski 10/8/17
Shen in the European media Antti Ylikoski 10/8/17
weird SBCL bug Mark Tarver 10/3/17
Shen work with resolution Antti Ylikoski 10/3/17
two volumes on Tarot and the Hermetic Tradition Mark Tarver 9/23/17
How to change SBCL's current directory? Mark Tarver 9/16/17
School of Internal Alchemy opened Mark Tarver 9/14/17
Ring in SP Mark Tarver 8/26/17
[ANN] shen-truffle Ragnar Dahlén 8/23/17
SP 17.2 is up Mark Tarver 8/18/17
upgrade to 17.2 ongoing Mark Tarver 8/18/17
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