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.login files go into SP Mark Tarver 3:47 PM
Shen, Reddit at al. Mark Tarver 2:24 PM
Shen prolog factorial Chris Double 2:03 PM
Aditya Siram: Shen Trick Shots - λC 2016 Bruno Deferrari 1:07 PM
FTP - another round of enhancements - purification and subsumption. Mark Tarver 5:42 AM
Pelletier Problems for Theorem Provers Mark Tarver 3:28 AM
the anatomy of a high-performance theorem-prover - thoughts and insights Mark Tarver 9/27/16
NLP plans for Shen Antti Ylikoski 9/26/16
Question: what do array language q and shen have in common? fuzzy wozzy 9/26/16
Graphical calendar display Willi Riha 9/25/16
name needed Mark Tarver 9/23/16
I really don't want to be right about this, BUT... fuzzy wozzy 9/22/16
more advanced ATP to go into Shen Professional - Hyperplan V Mark Tarver 9/21/16
Request for Shen help (lengthy) Antti Ylikoski 9/20/16
Shen Professional 10.2 reduces CPU usage Mark Tarver 9/20/16
SP 10.1 is up Mark Tarver 9/16/16
Proposal to remove partial application for if, and, cons etc. deech 9/15/16
SP users - revision for the next release is underway Mark Tarver 9/13/16
Shen, ADTs, ANNs Antti Ylikoski 9/12/16
Streams in KLambda. deech 9/11/16
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