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upgrade of SP next month Mark Tarver 4/20/18
ordering the New Guide to the Tarot Mark Tarver 4/20/18
SSL ongoing Mark Tarver 4/20/18
Expert Systems w/ Shen Antti Ylikoski 4/18/18
Some plans as to the work with Shen Antti Ylikoski 4/15/18
maths library largely rebuilt Mark Tarver 4/14/18
prime factor fuzzy wozzy 4/13/18
new approach to the Standard Library Mark Tarver 4/4/18
minor corrections to TBoS Mark Tarver 3/28/18
factorial fuzzy wozzy 3/27/18
Sequent calculus: universal quantification Neal Alexander 3/25/18
Sequent calculus: unification of let bound variables. Neal Alexander 3/24/18
Klambda type function Matus Kmit 3/19/18
Pygmalion is now a plugin to SP Mark Tarver 3/11/18
The Shen Standard Library (text) Mark Tarver 3/10/18
speaking of time fuzzy wozzy 3/10/18
book on Shen Standard library goes forward Mark Tarver 3/4/18
moving Pygmalion as a plugin into SP Mark Tarver 2/26/18
FYI: The New Guide to the Tarot, volume I, The Minor Arcana. Mark Tarver 2/26/18
Shen for Sublime Text 3 Robert Koeninger 2/21/18
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