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Prolog->Shen transpiler goes into SP Mark Tarver 1/16/18
new book on Shen standard library Mark Tarver 1/16/18
Homebrew formulas repository for ports Bruno Deferrari 1/14/18
Cleaned up global namespace changes in the Kernel (WIP) Bruno Deferrari 1/14/18
[ANN] Shen/Scheme 0.16 Bruno Deferrari 1/13/18
Match Expression Robert Koeninger 1/10/18
bug: defcc symbol naming Neal Alexander 1/9/18
card game for deep learning? Mark Tarver 1/8/18
Old Classic w/ the Shen Prolog: Towers of Hanoi Antti Ylikoski 1/8/18
into the New Year and coming next Mark Tarver 1/5/18
cd and *home-directory* in shen-scheme with Chez Tatsuya Tsuda 1/4/18
Pygmalion reading rate Mark Tarver 1/4/18
printing in TBoS Mark Tarver 1/4/18
Klambda type function Matúš Kmiť 1/3/18
Note as to the software engineering of Shen Antti Ylikoski 1/2/18
prolog sans prolog fuzzy wozzy 12/31/17
Where to buy The Book of Shen, 3rd Edition in the USA? Colin King 12/30/17
SP Home edition - Windows on more than one laptop Robert Herman 12/29/17
[ANN] Shen for Android Tatsuya Tsuda 12/29/17
For Mark Tarver Matthew Watkins 12/28/17
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