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fun with Linux Mark Tarver 7:08 AM
Q: Problem with the Shen lazy streams Antti Ylikoski 12/3/16
Q:Natural Language Processing with Shen Antti Ylikoski 12/1/16
Need of advice on a Shen-YACC exercise Matúš Kmiť 11/30/16
function <!> in Shen YACC 11/29/16
Shen and functional programming with ADTs -- two demos Antti Ylikoski 11/29/16
New installation of SP coming up Mark Tarver 11/29/16
yearly review coming up Mark Tarver 11/28/16
STE forms a new superpackage Mark Tarver 11/26/16
vector library is now part of STE Mark Tarver 11/26/16
vector package forthcoming Mark Tarver 11/25/16
The Shen kernel gets an official online manual Mark Tarver 11/24/16
The AI market in 2020, a forecast Antti Ylikoski 11/22/16
The work with Shen Antti Ylikoski 11/21/16
Shen standard page is down deech 11/19/16
getting the old Qi Wikipedia page back Mark Tarver 11/16/16
fixing broken links on Shen web site Mark Tarver 11/13/16
Shen appeal video goes on the home page Mark Tarver 11/12/16
Potentially Useful Paper, "Turnstile: Type Systems as Macros" Ian Tegebo 11/12/16
complex number documentation Mark Tarver 11/12/16
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