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experimenting with unums Willi Riha 6/22/16
Shen gets its first prototype IDE in the graphical SP 9.0 Mark Tarver 6/20/16
SP 8.0 - large file processing paves the way for the first commercial application of Shen Mark Tarver 6/15/16
beyond SP 8.0 Mark Tarver 6/15/16
communicating concurrent processes used in graphical Shen Mark Tarver 6/8/16
The ANN business with Shen: A public (simple) demo Antti Ylikoski 6/7/16
Shen Talk At LambdaConf deech 6/4/16
How to use Shen Prolog's findall? deech 6/3/16
Stuck at first LPC proof Martin Clausen 6/1/16
simple way to follow after 15 minute tutorial? fuzzy wozzy 5/30/16
Shen, the ANNs, the Hopfield ANNs Antti Ylikoski 5/29/16
unums and replacing floating point Robert Herman 5/28/16
online course in combined logic coming up - late summer Mark Tarver 5/27/16
Shen and the ANNs: ANN technology with vectors: Does the SP already have an arrays/vectors package? Antti Ylikoski 5/27/16
The ANN business with Shen: The usability of Shen is really good Antti Ylikoski 5/25/16
The ANN business with Shen, more Antti Ylikoski 5/25/16
Shen Professional & type secure graphics: a screen shot preview Mark Tarver 5/24/16
Parameterizing defcc deech 5/24/16
Escaped strings deech 5/22/16
? fuzzy wozzy 5/21/16
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