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Working with Shen in the cloud Willi Riha 7/24/16
Shen and GitHub -- The complex numbers Antti Ylikoski 7/23/16
Interesting but hard problem Racket Noob 7/23/16
The work with Shen -- ANN; NLP; expert systems Antti Ylikoski 7/21/16
Shen Talk At LambdaConf deech 7/21/16
The Shen work, and the GitHub Antti Ylikoski 7/20/16
The Unbearable Lightness of Unum? fuzzy wozzy 7/19/16
function <!> in Shen YACC 7/18/16
SP 10 moves into the Clouds Mark Tarver 7/17/16
NLP and Shen Prolog Antti Ylikoski 7/15/16
NLP, Shen, Shen Prolog, example with semantics Antti Ylikoski 7/10/16
Mathematica & Shen Willi Riha 7/9/16
Shen doc 19 has broken links to Howard B. Golden 7/9/16
Natural Language Processing, Shen, Shen Prolog Antti Ylikoski 7/7/16
Grandmaster chess and Shen Antti Ylikoski 7/5/16
experimenting with unums Willi Riha 7/4/16
a commercial Shen application with a recruitment firm Mark Tarver 7/1/16
Shen gets its first prototype IDE in the graphical SP 9.0 Mark Tarver 6/20/16
SP 8.0 - large file processing paves the way for the first commercial application of Shen Mark Tarver 6/15/16
beyond SP 8.0 Mark Tarver 6/15/16
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