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matrix algebra plugin for SP Mark Tarver 8:42 AM
[ANN] Shen OS Kernel 20.0 Release Bruno Deferrari 5:50 AM
progress on the final book and Omega Mark Tarver 4/27/17
largest known prime number as of january 2017 fuzzy wozzy 4/27/17
defun function call count Tatsuya Tsuda 4/27/17
OS Shen 19.2: Crashing the underlying Common LISP Antti Ylikoski 4/26/17
Wasp Lisp port of Shen Chris Double 4/26/17
[ANN] Shen-C Tatsuya Tsuda 4/24/17
SP graphics gets a type theory Mark Tarver 4/23/17
Some Help to Get Started Yves Cloutier 4/16/17
work on the Ring ongoing Mark Tarver 4/16/17
Ford Foundation Report on OS Mark Tarver 4/15/17
articles to read Mark Tarver 4/15/17
Episode on Functional Geekery? Matúš Kmiť 4/13/17
Details on SP Home Edition Subscription Ravin Sharma 4/12/17
OS Shenzine Mark Tarver 4/11/17
Saving a Shen program into a disk file Antti Ylikoski 4/10/17
Getting standard ports under source control Robert Koeninger 4/10/17
Patch: command line options / batch / non-interactive Neal Alexander 4/9/17
model checker becomes new plugin Mark Tarver 4/8/17
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