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QIIME 2 has succeeded QIIME 1 as of January 1, 2018. QIIME 1 is no longer officially supported, as our development and support efforts are now focused entirely on QIIME 2. For more information, see our blog post: QIIME 2 has succeeded QIIME 1.

QIIME 1 users should transition from QIIME 1 to QIIME 2. If you're new to QIIME, you should start by learning QIIME 2, not QIIME 1.

This forum is no longer officially moderated by the QIIME development team. While developers and users may occasionally answer questions here, we are not regularly monitoring this forum or replying to questions.

If you have questions about QIIME 2, please visit the QIIME 2 Forum.

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QIIME 1 will no longer be supported as of 1 January 2018, in favor of QIIME 2 Greg Caporaso 4/28/17
QIIME 1 is now installable with Anaconda/Miniconda Greg Caporaso 7/29/16
QIIME 1.9.1 is now live Greg Caporaso 5/27/15
Steps for most efficiently getting help with QIIME Greg Caporaso 1/12/15
Any potential issues in using only forward reads of fungal Illumina ITS sequences? Aki 9:31 AM
Regarding Otu netork divyapr...@gmail.com 1/20/18
regarding the format error divyapr...@gmail.com 1/18/18
Rarefied vs Unrarefied OTU Table for Downstream Analyses DoH 1/16/18
Reclassify my data with a custom database jspence 1/16/18
running QIIME headlessly (DISPLAY) Michael Baron 1/16/18
add_qiime_labels divyapr...@gmail.com 1/15/18
Library size Maryam 1/15/18
SILVA vs GreenGenes discrepancy Tatyana Zamkovaya 1/14/18
Error occur during group_significance.py using rarefied BIOM data Yoko Nagai 1/14/18
Classification up to species level jitendra keshri 1/14/18
16S database of medically important bacteria jitendra keshri 1/14/18
pick_open_reference_otus.py kiddy 1/13/18
Core microbiome: at treatment- not sample-level tcar...@uncc.edu 1/9/18
Error with differential_abundance Deb Colman 1/9/18
Error in jackknifed_beta_diversity.py Kiran 1/8/18
Error in join_paired_ends.py Kiran 1/5/18
Can anyone please explain the meaning of this error? Sai Prabhas Konduru 1/5/18
split_otu_table.py IndexError: too many indices for array Rim 1/5/18
add_taxa.py script not found Xio Lee 1/4/18
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