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QIIME 2 will succeed QIIME 1 on January 1, 2018. QIIME 1 will no longer be supported at that time, as development and support effort for QIIME will be focused entirely on QIIME 2.

We recommend that existing QIIME users begin transitioning from QIIME 1 to QIIME 2 now. If you're new to QIIME, you should start by learning QIIME 2, not QIIME 1.

This forum provides support for QIIME 1. To get support for QIIME 2, please visit the QIIME 2 Forum.

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QIIME 1 will no longer be supported as of 1 January 2018, in favor of QIIME 2 Greg Caporaso 4/28/17
QIIME 1 is now installable with Anaconda/Miniconda Greg Caporaso 7/29/16
QIIME 1.9.1 is now live Greg Caporaso 5/27/15
Steps for most efficiently getting help with QIIME Greg Caporaso 1/12/15
regarding qiime diypri...@gmail.com 8/23/17
pick_otus.py does not end. Step 1 reports empty UC files Anna Patrícya 8/23/17
usearch or improperly formatted input for pick_open_reference_otus.py Amir Ariff 8/23/17
Equivalent of “extract_seqs_by_sample_id.py” function for FASTAQ file? Aude Locatelli 8/23/17
Problems in filter_taxa_from_otu_table amulya shastry 8/23/17
Normalization for NGS count data with high variance between observations / uneven communities tric...@uni-bremen.de 8/23/17
split_libraries_fastq.py - filtering Becks 8/23/17
Qiime Install error, Command "python setup.py egg_info" failed with error code 1 My Shu 8/23/17
assign_taxonomy.py kristin oosthuizen 8/23/17
Reg: same barcode sequence for all the five samples Geet 8/22/17
Minimum Alignment Sequence Length To Assign Taxonomy Mykhaylo Usyk 8/22/17
Error while picking OTU (make otu table) Eyal Geisler 8/22/17
Problem with results of denoise_wrapper.py Cesar Alejandro Perez Fernandez 8/21/17
About Qiime installation Jia Zhou 8/21/17
Questions about two variable regions workflow Cesar Alejandro Perez Fernandez 8/21/17
Problems Generating BIOM Table for Downstream Analyses zabe...@ucdavis.edu 8/18/17
Error with join_paired_ends.py Faisal 8/18/17
How it's possible to perform PCoA when the number of variables (=taxa) are much higher than samples? @renh@ 8/18/17
Different OTUs mapping to same taxa - effects of filter_otus_from_otu_table.py? Angela 8/18/17
Qiime analysis diypri...@gmail.com 8/18/17
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