This is a group related to DeepQA open source projects such as the soon to be Watson and SolrSherlock. 

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Train/test splits of a question dataset Petr Baudis 5/18/15
YodaQA Live Demo Petr Baudis 5/18/15
Curating this space jackpark 5/2/15
Distributed UIMA as agent coordinators? jackpark 4/26/15
Issues uncovered building some existing projects jackpark 4/20/15
Curating Resources jackpark 4/20/15
Fwd: [ontolog-forum] Watch out Watson: Here comes Amazon Machine Learning - ZDNet - 2015.04.10 jackpark 4/18/15
Introduction Sean Gallagher 4/17/15
SolrSherlock -> OpenSherlock Re: [qa-oss]: Re: [SolrSherlock] Project Update jackpark 4/16/15
[SolrSherlock] Project Update jackpark 4/16/15
Invitations, QA projects Petr Baudis 4/16/15
[ANN] BrmSon / YodaQA Petr Baudis 4/16/15
Watsonsim Sean Gallagher 4/13/15
OpenSherlock Progress jackpark 4/10/15
Taming Text Petr Baudis 4/21/14
WordVectors and such jackpark 2/2/14
[ANN] BrmSon / BlanQA Petr Baudis 1/26/14
Help Build a Watson Clone–Participants Sought for LingPipe Code Camp jackpark 1/12/14
[SolrSherlock] Open Advancement in Question Answering jackpark 1/11/14
[SolrSherlock] Progress report jackpark 11/29/13
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