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[Python-ideas] Proposed PEP 484 addition: describe a way of annotating decorated declarations Guido van Rossum 10:08 AM
[Python-ideas] Augmented assignment syntax for objects. Erik 4/29/17
[Python-ideas] Discourage operator.__dunder__ functions Steven D'Aprano 4/27/17
[Python-ideas] Binary arithmetic does not always call subclasses first Stephan Hoyer 4/27/17
[Python-ideas] Callable Enum values Stephan Hoyer 4/21/17
[Python-ideas] Thread-safe generators Serhiy Storchaka 4/17/17
Ooooi ^=^ Dicas, Dicas e novidades!!! Come here.... Laise Alcantara 4/14/17
[Python-ideas] "import me" to display some summary of the current python installation Kamal Mustafa 4/12/17
[Python-ideas] Proposal: making __str__ count in time's class Cescus Franchina 4/9/17
[Python-ideas] Make `import a.b.c as m` is equivalent to `m = sys.modules['a.b.c']` Victor Varvariuc 4/9/17
[Python-ideas] Relative import of self or parent package? C Anthony Risinger 4/7/17
Digital Printing | Large Format Printing | Dot2Dot mahi lfp 4/7/17
[Python-ideas] Previous item from iterator. Krystian Kichewko 4/6/17
Python dicas!!! 4/4/17
[Python-ideas] What about regexp string litterals : re".*" ? Simon D. 4/3/17
[Python-ideas] pathlib.Path.walk Michel Desmoulin 4/3/17
[Python-ideas] Introduce BaseTimeoutError Ram Rachum 4/2/17
[Python-ideas] Construct a matrix from a list: matrix multiplication Chris Angelico 4/1/17
[Python-ideas] unify usage of mutable and immutable objects 语言破碎处 3/31/17
[Python-ideas] Way to repeat other than "for _ in range(x)" Markus Meskanen 3/31/17
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