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Financial Advisor in Andhra Pradesh| Taxithere in Andhra Pradesh aavala anitha 10:53 PM
[Python-ideas] PEP 468 guido 10:04 PM
[Python-ideas] (no subject) guido 9:00 PM
[Python-ideas] Coming up with an alternative to PEP 505's None-aware operators Nick Coghlan 5:59 PM
[Python-ideas] Temporary variables in comprehensions fhsxfhsx 8:43 AM
[Python-ideas] Boolean ABC similar to what's provided in the 'numbers' module smarie 2/16/18
Income tax return filing in Andhra Pradesh |Tax returns filing aavala anitha 2/16/18
[Python-ideas] Give ipaddresses an __index__ method Steven D'Aprano 2/14/18
[Python-ideas] Extending __format__ method in ipaddress Eric Osborne 2/14/18
Urgent Need SAS Statistical programmer (Boston, MA) 06+ Months Javed Khan 2/14/18
[Python-ideas] Complicate str methods Franklin? Lee 2/13/18
[Python-ideas] List the methods of a metaclass in the help of its instances Yahya Abou 'Imran via Python-ideas 2/11/18
[Python-ideas] Easing set-up of of console python applications Mario Corchero 2/10/18
Consider generalizing Decimal to support arbitrary radix Neil Girdhar 2/8/18
Consider making Decimal's context use PEP 567 Neil Girdhar 2/7/18
[Python-ideas] Possible Enhancement to py Launcher - set default Steve Barnes 2/7/18
[Python-ideas] importlib: making FileFinder easier to extend Erik Bray 2/7/18
[Python-ideas] Support WHATWG versions of legacy encodings Rob Speer 2/6/18
[Python-ideas] Dataclasses, keyword args, and inheritance George Leslie-Waksman 2/2/18
[Python-ideas] Format mini-language for lakh and crore David Mertz 2/1/18
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