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[Python-ideas] real numbers with SI scale factors: next steps Ken Kundert 9:07 PM
[Python-ideas] Extending expressions using ellipsis Shane Hathaway 8:57 PM
[Python-ideas] real numbers with SI scale factors Ken Kundert 10:32 AM
[Python-ideas] Force UTF-8 option regardless locale Naoki INADA 8/30/16
[Python-ideas] Let’s make escaping in f-literals impossible Philipp A. 8/30/16
[Python-ideas] a multiProcess scheduler Thales filizola costa 8/29/16
[Python-ideas] A proposal to rename the term "duck typing" ROGER GRAYDON CHRISTMAN 8/29/16
[Python-ideas] SI scale factors alone, without units or dimensional analysis Steven D'Aprano 8/28/16
[Python-ideas] SI scale factors in Python Ken Kundert 8/27/16 should take more than one iterable Jason Yu 8/26/16
[Python-ideas] Barriers to decimal literals (redux) (was Re: SI scale factors alone, without units or dimensional analysis) Nick Coghlan 8/26/16
[Python-ideas] Adding optional parameter to shutil.rmtree to not delete root. Nick Jacobson via Python-ideas 8/25/16
[Python-ideas] Atomic counter / atomic increment Ben Hoyt 8/25/16
[Python-ideas] PEP 525: Asynchronous Generators Yury Selivanov 8/25/16
[Python-ideas] discontinue iterable strings Alexander Heger 8/22/16
Re: [Python-ideas] Consider having Arek Bulski 8/20/16
[Python-ideas] Fix default encodings on Windows Steve Dower 8/20/16
Consider having implement __eq__ and __ne__ Neil Girdhar 8/19/16
[Python-ideas] Allow manual creation of DirEntry objects Brendan Moloney 8/18/16
[Python-ideas] From mailing list to GitHub issues Arek Bulski 8/16/16
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