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[Python-ideas] Adding rule about trailing comma. INADA Naoki 1:29 AM
[Python-ideas] History on proposals for Macros? Matthew Rocklin 12:57 AM
[Python-ideas] PEP 484: Generating test inputs from type hints Terry Reedy 12:14 AM
[Python-ideas] Add a context manager to keep stream position unchanged Dmitry Kazakov 3/30/15
[Python-ideas] "Loose" descriptors James Edwards 3/29/15
"Loose" descriptors? jedwards 3/29/15
[Python-ideas] Geo coordinates conversion in stdlib anatoly techtonik 3/29/15
Re: [Python-ideas] Top 10 Python modules that need a redesign Was: Geo coordinates conversion in stdlib Alexander Belopolsky 3/29/15
[Python-ideas] Python Research Insitute anatoly techtonik 3/29/15
[Python-ideas] Format character to center strings Rob Cliffe 3/28/15
[Python-ideas] A mutable alternative to namedtuple Luciano Ramalho 3/28/15
[Python-ideas] Proposal for new augmented assignment operator for method calls Jamie Willis 3/27/15
[Python-ideas] A mutable alternative to namedtuple: recordarray -> recordclass: Zaur Shibzukhov 3/27/15
Some documentation cleanups? Rustom Mody 3/27/15
[Python-ideas] OrderedDict.insert() Thomas Güttler 3/27/15
[Python-ideas] list.pop() accepting a list of integers as argument pedro santos 3/26/15
[Python-ideas] gofmt for Python: standardized styling as a language feature Nicholas Chammas 3/25/15
os.path.commonprefix: Yes that old chestnut. Paddy3118 3/24/15
[Python-ideas] - tuple of path objects rather than strings? Paul Moore 3/24/15
[Python-ideas] PEP 484 (Type Hints) -- second draft Guido van Rossum 3/24/15
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