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Welcome to Python Challenge Forums - POSTING GUIDELINES Nadav Samet 9/18/16
L3 Challenge Yello Fam 4/27/17
[L10] what does r"(\d)(\1*)" mean?? 고혁인 4/26/17
[L17]: UnicodeEncodeError: python3.4 Danny Walsh 4/4/17
[L2] what should I do with this rare characters? xzchto808 3/29/17
FAQ - Tutorial link needs updating Stephen Hope 3/28/17
[L1] Trouble with it Yevgenii Zuban 3/27/17
[L16] Any additional hints for this one? Huziy Oleksandr 2/26/17
L8: problem with binary data (Python 3) Norbert Schlaffke 2/21/17
[L7] Not enought smart jseb 2/7/17
[L6] I cannot find the zip file r2ronoha 1/25/17
[L6] i have already unzipped files, i need to search something xzchto808 1/23/17
L10 - Take your time! Demian Koller 1/12/17
challenge accepted TECHMASH 12/28/16
Pythonistas! How do you rate your favourite languages, frameworks, and technologies? Emilia Bouzioukou 12/23/16
Unable to cross the first level Raju Manukonda 12/14/16
Hint: try to change the URL address Maj Hak 12/11/16
L1: Unable to proceed Sudhir Behani 12/6/16
confused with number 2 answer? tim mellis 12/6/16
[L13] Phonebook doesn't seem to work??? Ahmet Aydın 11/27/16
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