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Gigamunch - a cool way to eat. Follow the link and get a free meal M P 11/28/17
cffi unistd Vladislav Volkov 11/28/17
Installing cffi fails with c/_cffi_backend.c:15:17: fatal error: ffi.h: No such file or directory 11/19/17
python-for-android help request Enoch 11/3/17
function/symbol 'testlib' not found in library 'conv.dll': error 0x7f Paolo Galizzi 10/27/17
Porting libschevo to Python3 with CFFI Etienne Robillard 10/19/17
Overriding existing typedef Chiong Ching Lai 10/17/17
Checking for empty Israel Brewster 10/13/17
cffi 1.11.1 Armin Rigo 10/4/17
How about a new enhanced in-line API mode? TitanSnow 9/24/17
How to add hook to ``setjmp`` before call a C function? TitanSnow 9/22/17
Deprecation warnings when compile cffi on CPython 3.7.0a0 TitanSnow 9/17/17
opaque pointers Will Spearman 9/16/17
How to use API mode? 9/16/17
CFFI 1.11 released Armin Rigo 9/16/17
Is it possible to test cffi module with mock? Yu Yang 9/8/17
Unicode Data: C Type Conversions and Internal Representation 9/2/17
Install cffi on AIX 7.1 Oscar Pacheco 8/25/17
How to cast a pointer to a Python cffi struct to System.IntPtr (.NET)? 8/24/17
Wrapping libraries with setup and teardown functions Ghislain Vaillant 8/10/17
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