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CFFI 0.9.2 Armin Rigo 3/13/15
Release 0.9.1 Armin Rigo 3/8/15
pygit installation: problems compiling python cffi Stefan Falk 3/7/15
Bug installing cffi 0.9.0 on debian wheezy Ryan Ovas 3/4/15
Release 0.9.0 Armin Rigo 3/3/15
packaging cffi modules for debian Tycho Andersen 2/11/15
CFFI distribution questions Israel Brewster 2/11/15
Problem with char ** as a output function parameter Jacek Bzdak 2/10/15
<cdata 'char *(*)()' 0x66E452E0> anatoly techtonik 2/6/15
CFFI security against wrong #ifdef anatoly techtonik 1/31/15
Preview of "creflect / zeffir" Armin Rigo 1/28/15
Creating non-pointer structures? Andrew Lutomirski 1/24/15
Access pointer to shape attribute of numpy array Ghislain Vaillant 1/13/15
Proper memory management in CFFI Israel Brewster 12/23/14
sluggish start time; files created in pwd Crusader Ky 12/19/14
cdef oddity Hakan Ardo 12/8/14
Shared constant data with external source files Mark Harviston 11/26/14
C Code works, Python CFFI code does not Israel Brewster 11/21/14
cffi Segmentation fault Sean McCully 11/21/14
char * in parameters and results Alexey Poryadin 11/11/14
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