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Memory owning and pointers/arrays Floris Bruynooghe 4/2/14
problem with tmpdir Guilherme Gonçalves Ferrari 3/22/14
verify() for a library with several C files Bogdan Opanchuk 3/19/14
plans to support __stdcall? Mark Harviston 3/17/14
CFFI 0.8.2 released Armin Rigo 3/6/14
CFFI can't install with setuptools >= 3.0 Daniel Graña 3/6/14
Share library appears to get reloaded in Python during program idle time Nick Othieno 1/16/14
Odd typedef error Floris Bruynooghe 1/16/14
Preprocess the interface definitions. Lukas Lueg 1/15/14
Best way to get the sizeof a structure Floris Bruynooghe 1/14/14
sporadic segfault Angus Griffith 1/10/14
struct to struct assignment with bitfields Sarvi Shanmugham 1/8/14
Distributing modules Geert Jansen 1/1/14
structure field conflicts with python keyword Sarvi Shanmugham 12/21/13
Dealing with typedef'd struct fields Floris Bruynooghe 12/19/13
best practice to avoid recompiling of extension. Need help Sarvi Shanmugham 12/18/13
Design for CFFI 1.0 Armin Rigo 12/18/13
struct pointer returned by function seems partially messed up in the returned cdata Sarvi Shanmugham 12/14/13
global int variable defined in a library not showing up in the cffi wrapper Sarvi Shanmugham 12/13/13
CFFI 0.8.1 Armin Rigo 11/27/13
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