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couldn't install Version: 1.8.3 TamilSelvan Marimuthu 10/19/16
Embedding_api how to define exported function names in Windows 10/1/16
Speed of Cffi vs ctypes in cpython? Victor Blomqvist 10/1/16
Experience on Wrapping a Library using CFFI [Long] Marco Gario 9/28/16
I'm trying to use.embedding_api cffi.api.and getting CDefError: cannot parse 9/26/16
Please help with setuptools and dylib rpath Chadwick Boulay 9/20/16
CFFI 1.8.3 released Armin Rigo 9/17/16
CFFI 1.8.2 released Armin Rigo 9/15/16
cffi linking issue -- trying to find something similar to libpython and mingw for Python 3.5 9/2/16
How to fetch values from a pointer to an union allocated in C Damien Ruiz 8/17/16
Error:wrong size for struct field Yang Liu 8/17/16
CFFI idea? Dereferencing a pointer created with ffi.addressof (C *-operator equivalent?) Damien Ruiz 7/28/16
Re: [python-cffi] CFFI 1.7 released Armin Rigo 6/20/16
PyPy 1.7 released Armin Rigo 6/20/16
winsock2/ws2_32 issues Oliver Palmer 6/18/16
Best practive for packaging a cffi project in ABI mode Victor Blomqvist 6/15/16
Retrieving a buffer of integers from a C function Gary Pajer 6/10/16
Array of pointers to character string. (***char) Gary Pajer 6/9/16
Finding the library filename or address via old CFFI? Matthew Brett 5/31/16
CFFI/Python crashes hard on windows Victor Blomqvist 5/15/16
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