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Passing objects supporting the buffer protocol to pointer parameters Graham Markall 10/6/15
API mode lib object Alex Theiakos 10/2/15
CFFI 1.2 released Armin Rigo 9/30/15
A stubborn TypeError in a Windows API function Michiel Tegelberg 9/17/15
python callback called from C++ thread is crashing in PyObject_Malloc 9/14/15
cffi callback function pointer become invalid Ethan Huang 8/14/15
serialize and deserialize objects in Pypy Ethan Huang 8/7/15
Creating a numpy dtype from a C structure 7/30/15
Calling a c function with (void) as argument Nicola Zanella 7/22/15
CFFI 1.2 release candidate Armin Rigo 7/10/15
Viewing the byte representation of a struct Lawrence Moore 7/9/15
Lazy ffi.include for out-of-line dlopen'd modules Sean Vig 7/7/15
PyOpenCL now based on cffi Matti Picus 7/2/15
Wrapper for setjmp/longjmp Alex Orange 6/29/15
CFFI 1.1.2 released Armin Rigo 6/9/15
use of function pointers / c processor 6/8/15
1.1.0 - with outbound ABI crashes on Windows anatoly techtonik 6/7/15
CFFI 1.1.1 Armin Rigo 6/7/15
What happens in inline ABI level? anatoly techtonik 6/2/15
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