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Inserted values not remaining in the table after close Jean-Pierre L 7/30/15
PyMySQL 0.6.4 Release Chris Cannon 6/16/15
does PyMySQL support load data local infile? Darshan Talati 6/16/15
PyMySQL learn Ankita Prasad 6/2/15
"'MySQLResult' object has no attribute 'unbuffered_active'" MrFragkiller 5/7/15
[RFC] Can I change license from MIT to GPL? Naoki INADA 4/15/15
pymysql concurrent connections Csaba Ragany 4/8/15
[ANN] PyMySQL 0.6.6 is released Naoki INADA 3/1/15
[ANN] mysqlclient 1.3.6 and PyMySQL 0.6.4 has been released Naoki INADA 2/26/15
PyMysql won't fetch last argument. Laurynas Pupsta 2/22/15
Quick benchmark on PyMySQL Naoki INADA 2/4/15
PyMySQL and Openstack mike bayer 1/30/15
runtests failed Test_issue_36 and 38 Pax Kat 1/9/15
How to use PyMySQL Adam Aniołek 1/4/15
Why Connection.__exit__ doesn't use Cursor.close 12/22/14
Broken Pipe Error postelrich 12/12/14
PyMySQL 0.6.3 released Marcel Rodrigues 12/2/14
[ANN] Tornado-MySQL 0.2 is released Naoki INADA 8/26/14
is pymysql ready for production? Gelin Yan 8/2/14
Password Error logging into MySQL 5.0.95 with Python 3.3.2 summetj 8/1/14
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