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PyMNtos (pronounced pie-min-tose) is a Twin Cities group of Python enthusiasts. Some of us use Python every day in our work. Some of us are just hobbyists. Others are just learning. Whoever you are and whatever your skill level is, we would love for you to join us. Free to join and attend. No dues!

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Python equivalent of "logname" command Jason Hsu 6/25/16
Looking for a Django freelancer (or agency) to support an existing project JeremyY 9/2/15
Best Resources to Learn Python David Edgerton, Jr. 9/8/14
requriements.txt and a module Mike Rochford 6/4/14
Tastypie and python-requests DavidFawcett 6/3/14
Please join our Meetup - this list will close down June 15th, 2014 Peter J. Farrell 5/9/14
Any interest in a PyCon talks viewing party? Jeff Williams 4/27/14
Advise on REST API for django Ravi 4/8/14
Python screencasts, now free Kevin Bullock 3/3/14
Lots of room left for tonight's Django Meetup Derek Anderson 2/19/14
PyCon 2014 - 400 tickets remain! Brian Curtin 2/3/14
Python, Rasperry Pi, Minecraft and Kids Windflower Waters 1/22/14
Hello everyone Ray Aguilar 1/19/14
PyMNtos Sponsorship Opportunities Kurt Wiersma 1/3/14
January main meeting - lightning talks Ravi 12/27/13
extra set of eyes Paul Boncher 12/16/13
Volunteering for the PyMNtos Group Leadership Team Peter J. Farrell 12/15/13
if / elif / else blocks -- a better way? Peter J. Farrell 12/13/13
PyMNtos Library Update - New Book: Python Cookbook Peter J. Farrell 12/10/13
Ideas for next month's Python Web Development Meeting Ray Finzel 12/10/13
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