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What programming language is used to create those pretty charts Jiachun GUO 3/27/17
Integration in classroom w/ phones Alistair Fraser 3/24/17
Honolulu County total population is incorrect Mike Poscability 1/26/17
Years 1/19/17
historical data for countries that do not exist anymore Marius Cristian Voicu 12/29/16
public-data-labs seriously Liliana 12/19/16
BUG: Mobile internet signatures per 100 inhabitants is showing numbers bigger than 100. Eduardo Antunes da Cunha 12/10/16
what mean 203 and 206 ? Elto Desukane 12/10/16
CARA BAJAK AKUN BBM Update 2017 Tukang Sablon 11/30/16
Aging is a Transition, Not a Crisis Canadians for a Sustainable Society 11/23/16
Wrong benchmark year for the consumer price index 11/19/16
Why there is no Taiwan on a list? Should be visible under 'Republic of China", right? so whats wrong with this service... ahhhhhhhhhh. Krzysztof Czarnomski 11/15/16
New Caledonia Jean Jacques LHOPITEAU 11/9/16
Inquiry on the google public data Jae-Pyo Chun 10/25/16
Chunky boy, du har 1 ny opdatering, som venter på dig, på LinkedIn LinkedIn 10/18/16
Mix the population of countries in one. Harold Ameth 8/31/16
I cant find or understand anything. Language Per Erik G G 8/21/16
IMF WEO Dimitris Alexandre Mavridis 7/18/16
GDP data for 2015 is available in World Bank website, any thoughts on when it will be available in Google Data? 7/4/16
How does Google calculate population by month and county? David Pena 6/21/16
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