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[PATCH] logical pool fixes: only list leaf devices, and read file instead of run "cat" Zhou Zheng Sheng 12/19/13
[PATCH v1 0/4] Stroage Pool: refactor and add iSCSI support Zhou Zheng Sheng 12/19/13
[PATCH v1 1/3] PEP 8: cleanup src/kimchi/ Zhou Zheng Sheng 12/19/13
[project-kimchi][PATCHv4] Return source information for storage pool 12/19/13
[PATCH] spec: Open 8000 and 8001 port by default in post section. kimchi server use 8000 and 8001 port. Open 8000 and 8001 port by default in post section. taget 12/18/13
[PATCH 0/4] Use one weksockify instance as all vms' vnc proxy. Mark Wu 12/18/13
Switch to new mail list Aline Manera 12/18/13
Kimchi 1.1 is released! Aline Manera 12/18/13
[PATCH] Organize python imports Rodrigo Trujillo 12/18/13
Brazilian language translations V2 Alexandre Hirata 12/18/13
[PATCH] do Chinese translation for release 1.1 12/18/13
Use sysfs to list all block device paths Zhou Zheng Sheng 12/18/13
[project-kimchi][PATCHv2 0/2] NFS prevalidation 12/18/13
[project-kimchi][PATCH 0/3] NFS prevalidation Royce Lv 12/18/13
[PATCH] [Issue #287] Confirm box will be hidden by the window dialog Xin Ding 12/18/13
[PATCH V2] Add confirm box to create logical pool,and modify device path number zhoumein 12/18/13
[PATCH] Use spacewalk repo to get python-ethtool on suse. 12/18/13
[PATCH] [Issue #242] Edit Template: deleted storage pool shows blank Xin Ding 12/17/13
[PATCH 1/2] Dynamically generate template parameters for different distros Mark Wu 12/17/13
[RFC] Fiber Channel StoragePool Rodrigo Trujillo 12/17/13
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