profanity development

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Gentoo ebuilds pasis 3/21/16
Setting up keybindings? Stephen Paul Weber 3/16/16
Support for another IM Michael 3/15/16
Connecting to servers on odd ports? 2/20/16
google talk multi user chat via uuid generation? 1/5/16
my profanity won't reconnect after machine sleep minik Do 1/2/16
Opinions on forking libstrophe Boothj5 11/23/15
Profanity on QNX pasis 10/11/15
possible feature would be a video or voice chat in profanity ? 10/11/15
when online read the offline messages from gmail hangouts ? 10/11/15
Disable Online/Offline notifications 10/8/15
Spam message Boothj5 9/25/15
Profanity 0.4.7 released Boothj5 9/20/15
0.4.7.rc2 Boothj5 9/13/15
0.4.7.rc1 Boothj5 9/11/15
/otr gen 9/3/15
dafaq happened to backspace? 9/3/15
OpenPGP encryption Boothj5 6/21/15
GNU Readline support in master Boothj5 3/8/15
FreeBSD Port Fabian Freyer 3/8/15
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