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dafaq happened to backspace? 9/3/15
OpenPGP encryption Boothj5 6/21/15
GNU Readline support in master Boothj5 3/8/15
FreeBSD Port Fabian Freyer 3/8/15
Profanity 0.4.6 Released Boothj5 3/3/15
OSX remote code execution bug Boothj5 2/14/15
XEP-0280 prototype Olivier 2/2/15
Question about XMPP handlers in message.c Olivier 1/28/15
0.4.6.rc1 Boothj5 1/27/15
Facebook: Login Failed 12/20/14
16 colour support Boothj5 11/19/14
Roster alignment? Greg Fischer 11/15/14
Connect to google apps account with domain Jaime Bravo 11/15/14
List of online contacts outside of rooms Ingo Bürk 11/12/14
Chat text colours and sender status indication 11/7/14
Profanity 0.4.5 released Boothj5 11/6/14
0.4.5.rc1 Boothj5 10/30/14
Typing notifications not happening? 10/28/14
Additional UI options for MUC, including Occupant list panel Boothj5 10/24/14
Connecting To A Tor Hidden Service Austin Smith 10/23/14
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