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Opening a URL without a mouse. 5/10/18
MacOS and HipChat 4/27/18
Line to separate unread messages. 3/21/18
Profanity tests using CMocka 3/14/18
How do I view logs? Troy Vitullo 12/6/17
Thank you! Troy Vitullo 11/23/17
Trying to scroll up and down (main feed and occupants panel) 10/25/17
Compile not finding libotr on Cygwin 10/6/17
About feature/plugins/API - cutomize window title 9/29/17
Sending multiline messages 9/8/17
Profanity Compilation Error Bangaru Prakash 2/22/17
CVE-2017-5589 Security vulnerability and fixes Boothj5 2/10/17
Profanity 0.5.1 released Boothj5 1/30/17
Integrating Profanity With Other Software. Bangaru Prakash 1/21/17
When connecting to an ejabberd server, profanity just quits abruptly 1/9/17
Disable status logging 10/10/16
Profanity 0.5.0 released Boothj5 9/15/16
0.5.0.rc1 Boothj5 8/24/16
Auto logout after a while? Marco Segura 7/19/16
notifications on typing 6/8/16
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