Procedural Content Generation

This is a group for researchers, developers and other interested in procedural content generation in games. (For an overviem of what this field is about, see

When applying for membership, please write a sentence or two about who you are. After your application is approved, please post a message in the "Introducing ourselves" thread, and introduce yourself to the rest of the group's members.

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[Deadline Extension] Third CFP: 7th Workshop on Procedural Content Generation (PCG2016) Amy K. Hoover 4/26/16
CFP: International Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modelling and Design (FARM 2016) Chris Martens 4/20/16
Introducing ourselves Julian Togelius 4/16/16
IEEE CIG 2016: Paper submission Deadline Extension (May-02) and Competitions Announced Georgios Yannakakis 4/13/16
Second CFP: 7th Workshop on Procedural Content Generation (PCG2016) Amy K. Hoover 4/10/16
Algorithm for environmental puzzles? (Doors and switches etc.) Rune Skovbo Johansen 4/8/16
[2nd CFP] Computational Creativity & Games Workshop @ ICCC 2016 Michael Cook 4/4/16
Final CfP: IEEE Computational Intelligence and Games 2016, Santorini, Greece Georgios Yannakakis 3/30/16
Social media Francisco Xavier Richardson Rebello de Andrade 3/14/16
Introduction Francisco Xavier Richardson Rebello de Andrade 2/26/16
[CFP - CCGW 2016 + Puzzle Game!] Of All The Inboxes In All The World, He Had To Send A Circular To Mine Michael Cook 2/17/16
Second Call for New Competition Proposals and Competition Papers: IEEE CIG 2016, Santorini, Greece, Sep. 20-23 Diego Perez 2/2/16
IEEE CIG 2016 2nd Call for Papers/Competitions/Tutorials/Special Sessions/Panels Georgios Yannakakis 2/2/16
Another Mario User Study Levi Lelis 1/31/16
Teaching Professor position at UC Santa Cruz Jim Whitehead 1/29/16
Survey for participants in game-based AI competitions Julian Togelius 1/27/16
Call for papers: General Intelligence in Game-playing Agents (IJCAI workshop on general (video) game playing) Julian Togelius 1/26/16
Call for Papers: 7th Workshop on Procedural Content Generation (PCG2016) - Deadline 2 May 2016 Aaron Isaksen 1/26/16
Issue #2 of Game & Puzzle Design now out Cameron Browne 1/15/16
Super Mario Bros Experiment Levi Lelis 1/15/16
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