Procedural Content Generation

This is a group for researchers, developers and other interested in procedural content generation in games. (For an overviem of what this field is about, see

When applying for membership, please write a sentence or two about who you are. After your application is approved, please post a message in the "Introducing ourselves" thread, and introduce yourself to the rest of the group's members.

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Introducing Sceelix - A Procedural Content Generation Tool Pedro Silva 11/26/15
Neuroevolution in games Julian Togelius 11/17/15
My ProcJam2015 Entry Joris Dormans 11/15/15
[Call For You, Yes You] Procedural Generation Jam 2015 Michael Cook 11/11/15
First Call for Papers, Tutorials, Special Sessions and Panels: IEEE CIG 2016, Santorini, Greece, Sep. 20-23 Georgios Yannakakis 10/26/15
Call for Papers: IEEE Computational Intelligence and Games Conference 2016 Julian Togelius 10/26/15
Academic Post at the University of Malta - AI in Gaming (and other areas) Georgios Yannakakis 10/22/15
Faculty position in Generative Methods at UC Santa Cruz Michael Mateas 10/19/15
Article comparing simulation, functional and planning approaches to procedural world generation Rune Skovbo Johansen 10/12/15
Survey on music generation Julian Togelius 10/12/15
Game & Puzzle Design issue #1 now out Cameron Browne 8/10/15
Grand Goals for PCG Community AZ 8/7/15
Final Call for Papers for the 1st workshop on Player Modeling 2015 Noor Shaker 7/6/15
2nd Call for Papers for the 1st workshop on Player Modeling 2015 Noor Shaker 6/23/15
[CEEC 2015] Poker Expected Hand Strength Generalization Competition Diego Perez 6/22/15
Do a postdoc with me in New York? Julian Togelius 6/10/15
Quality of PCG games AZ 6/10/15
Introducing ourselves Julian Togelius 6/10/15
GDC talks on AI and PCG available for free Julian Togelius 6/6/15
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