PRISM model checker

This group is for questions, comments and discussions relating to the probabilistic model checker PRISM. Please check the FAQ and manual before posting questions. We also welcome more general questions and discussion about probabilistic model checking and related topics.

Developers working on PRISM or related tools should use the separate "PRISM model checker developers" forum, also on Google Groups.

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Questions about exportadv Jin Ge 8:17 PM
Maximum value of a variable in PRISM Muhammad Usama Sardar 8/26/16
hi all, I am newbie Tùng La 8/26/16
simpath doesn't work when the model is imported via .tra file Jin Ge 8/24/16
Verification of properties is taking too much time rishi mathur 8/23/16
complexity of algorithm 8/6/16
Running PRISM Pre-processor on linux Muhammad Usama Sardar 7/31/16
Kerberos Protocol via PRISM Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Ahmadpanah 7/31/16
Specification of properties of the form P1 implies P2 Muhammad Usama Sardar 7/30/16
Graphical tools for PRISM code generation 7/23/16
computing transitional probability from Data Somnath 7/19/16
Max. cuddmaxem and javamaxem Muhammad Usama Sardar 7/15/16
Statistical model checking error 7/14/16
Saving a simulation run Muhammad Usama Sardar 7/8/16
All possible combinations 6/27/16
How do i start contributing towards PRISM ? TUHIN KHARE 6/24/16
DTMC Infinite reward Moon 6/23/16
Declaring constant inside a module hacha 6/16/16
F vs transitions Artur Rataj 6/14/16
randomized vs deterministic adversary 6/12/16
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