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This group is for questions, comments and discussions relating to the probabilistic model checker PRISM. Please check the FAQ and manual before posting questions. We also welcome more general questions and discussion about probabilistic model checking and related topics.

Developers working on PRISM or related tools should use the separate "PRISM model checker developers" forum, also on Google Groups.

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Range definition 6:40 AM
Digital clocks PTAs with statistical model checking? Andrew Donnellan 1:56 AM
Prism-games command line option for exporting strategy Artur Rataj 5/24/15
Runtime error Rima 5/23/15
Postdoc position in multi-objective stochastic verification Vojtech Forejt 5/23/15
Using Backwards Reachability Algorithm Pranav Ashok 5/13/15
Pmin = -infinity 4/19/15
Expess property in PRISM(PCTL) Anuroop Kuppam 4/14/15
Previous versions of PRISM Anuroop Kuppam 4/12/15
CTMC: Filter (avg, max, min). Valdivino Santiago 4/10/15
"ERROR:Probabilities sum to less than one,strengthen guard" while analysing a very simple model for Bell States. Anuroop Kuppam 4/10/15
prism.bat in Windowes 64-bit Mahdieh Ahmadi 4/10/15
SCC-Based PRISM 4/8/15
CTMC, 'StackOverflow' Yingke Chen 4/5/15
How to use SCC based approach in PRISM. 4/3/15
Is Time Cumulative? Valdivino Santiago 3/29/15
Filter error. Valdivino Santiago 3/27/15
instalation on windows-64 bit, problem 3/19/15
if else 3/19/15
Random value 3/19/15
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