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This group is for questions, comments and discussions relating to the probabilistic model checker PRISM. Please check the FAQ and manual before posting questions. We also welcome more general questions and discussion about probabilistic model checking and related topics.

Developers working on PRISM or related tools should use the separate "PRISM model checker developers" forum, also on Google Groups.

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Pi2Prism = probabilistic pi-calculus to PRISM models 12/15/17
Translating the probabilistic π -calculus to PRISM 12/15/17
partially observable MDPs in PRISM 12/12/17
cannot use multi-objective model checking with maximizing objectives 12/10/17
Error for temp file when opening files 12/6/17
Evaluation of an adversary Ashutosh Pandey 12/6/17
How to compute the avg resp time of an M/M/c/K queue? 11/24/17
Negative reward Mark 11/23/17
Error: Constructing a strategy for Rmin in the presence of zero-reward ECs is currently not supported. 11/22/17
Parameter Ordering and Experiments change Modelchecking results Sven Linker 11/20/17
Dipro tool 11/18/17
Error in running PRISM in OS64 11/17/17
Is there support or any way to simulate constant sized array variables and uniformly distributed integer generation? 11/14/17
Cant Specify The Property On The Model , and Says Some Error Message .( BB84 Protocol) 11/14/17
steady-state probability 11/5/17
In need of Prism 3.3.1 10/27/17
Time for model checking 10/23/17
about costs calculation in DTMC with rewards Terry Zhou 10/23/17
Verification of properties is taking too much time 10/21/17
Optimal strategy extraction for maximum/minimum average reward/cost in irreducible MDP Sotiris Gyftopoulos 10/19/17
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