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Safari on iOS not authenticating with pouchdb.authentication.min.js Bill Stephenson 12/2/16
Unable to retrieve all documents from pouch db praveen kumar 12/1/16
Search on pouchdb with id with wild card praveen kumar 11/8/16
How to Sync Data from Pouch DB to SQL Server Vinod Kumar 11/3/16
sync functionality Surya Teja 9/21/16
Performance issue: time spend in rootToLeaf() is growing Erez Makavy 9/8/16
Is PouchDb suitable for high throughput sync? rootToLeaf() takes long time Erez Makavy 9/8/16
Filtered replication with view [startKey and endKey does not work] Fábio Pinheiro 9/2/16
How could I implement login with email address, not username ? Christophe Sertelet 8/22/16
little problem for a beginner bussiere adrien 8/22/16
Re: Abridged summary of pou...@googlegroups.com - 1 update in 1 topic Alexander Harm 8/21/16
PouchDB not reporting conflicts. Who is solving them? Raul Piaggio 8/16/16
PouchDB not detecting sqlite plugin in iOS 9.3.2 (with ionic view) Fábio Pinheiro 8/15/16
The best way to model an offline multi-user app Stuart Langridge 8/11/16
pouchdb put not returning promises Brian Kuan 8/10/16
Pouchdb replication adaption for BLE / WebRTC - where to start? Sebastian Schmidt 8/9/16
Database architecture with a great number of users Bruno Ricci 8/9/16
Put a doc via a WRITE-ONLY user on a Cloudant db? Sinan Gabel 8/9/16
why do views use revisioned docs? Matteo Grolla 8/3/16
Pouchdb Replication adaption for BLE / WebRTC - where to start? Sebastian Schmidt 8/2/16
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