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[post-forking/post-forking] cd87eb: Fix typo Ben Balter 3/11/14
[post-forking/post-forking] c06e6b: we support stable -2 aaron 1/5/14
[post-forking/post-forking] c97a0f: Switch to using a css font for 3.8+ aaron 1/5/14
[post-forking/post-forking] 634c9e: Add test to make sure merging doesn't publish a dr... aaron 10/21/13
[post-forking/post-forking] c132a0: Add capabilities for Authors and Editors aaron 10/14/13
[post-forking/post-forking] 721157: Checks/Adds 'Revision" Support to CPTs Automatical... aaron 10/14/13
[post-forking/post-forking] 848931: We are in 0.3.0-alpha now aaron 10/14/13
[post-forking/post-forking] a54314: Checks/Adds 'Revision" Support to CPTs Automatical... aaron 10/10/13
[post-forking/post-forking] f21aaf: Change the header to reflect the good textdomain aaron 10/10/13
[post-forking/post-forking] 7f2a1f: Ignore logs folder aaron 10/10/13
[post-forking/post-forking] 8f38c9: Add coveralls badge aaron 10/6/13
[post-forking/post-forking] cf8f4b: test adding coeralls aaron 10/6/13
[post-forking/post-forking] 063475: Fix php5.2 compatability aaron 9/26/13
[post-forking/post-forking] aaron 9/26/13
[post-forking/post-forking] 00e589: version 2.1 aaron 9/26/13
[post-forking/post-forking] ea39cd: add initial deploy script aaron 9/26/13
[post-forking/post-forking] b0ded1: Add function to return the post type constant for ... aaron 9/26/13
[post-forking/post-forking] 628c0d: Update to gpl2 or later. Fixes #89 aaron 9/24/13
[post-forking/post-forking] aaron 9/23/13
[post-forking/post-forking] 4af88a: bump version to 0.3-alpha aaron 9/22/13
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