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[1.4.2] Problem HTTPS redirection Xavier NOPRE 10/14/16
play 1.4.3 and java 8 OK ? Per Halvor Tryggeseth 10/5/16
My "ideal" framework - wishlist R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah 3/6/16
Thinking about creating an new Java Web Framework based on Play!Framework v1 greenlaw110 3/6/16
After this two years, are there any options to play 1 Hans Poo 3/5/15
[1.3.0] Problem UnsatisfiedLinkError with JNI Xavier NOPRE 2/28/15
1.3.0 and Ubuntu upstart issue Johan Vosloo 2/11/15
[ANN] [Play 1.x] [Maven] Play! framework 1.3.0 mavenized Grzegorz Slowikowski 2/6/15
Play 1.3 released Arne Zelasko 1/20/15
Invoke a CRUD controller that sits in a module Preslav Rachev 9/2/14
Play 1.2.7 , Localizing client side validation messages Aramik Markari 9/1/14
[ANN] [Play 1.x] [Maven] Maven Plugin for Play! Framework version 1.0.0-beta7 Grzegorz Slowikowski 2/14/14
[1.2] play and -Dprecompiled=true Carl Perfect 12/13/13
[play 1.2.7]How should I protect my play app? Can I use a Dongle? zxsoft 11/27/13
play 1.2.7 failed test and 1.2.x is same failed test Dean Hiller 11/27/13
Websocket in play framework 1.2.x Sultan Zhiyenbay 9/16/13
[ANN] [Play 1.x] [Maven] Play! framework 1.2.7 mavenized Grzegorz Slowikowski 8/30/13
[ANN] [Play 1.x] [Maven] - Play! Framework versions 1.2.6, 1.2.7-SNAPSHOT and 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT available Grzegorz Slowikowski 8/29/13
Using SchemaExport in playFramework Giuseppe Annunziata 7/16/13
[ANN] [Play 1.x] [Maven] Maven Plugin for Play! Framework version 1.0.0-beta6 Grzegorz Slowikowski 7/11/13
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