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Re: [play-framework] Re: Default stringy JSON format for joda.time.DateTime is "YYYY-MM-DD" Greg Methvin 7:01 AM
HTTP/2 podcast Rich Dougherty 8/31/15
Outreachy projects James Roper 8/30/15
POST 413 Entity too large. Leo Zhekov 8/27/15
Implementation of Actions in Play 3.0 Christian Kaps 8/24/15
PR validation is down James Roper 8/20/15
HikariCP 2.4 releases will be backward binary compatible Mirco Dotta 8/17/15
H2 version Mirco Dotta 8/16/15
Explicitly handling 401 error Jérôme Leleu 8/10/15
Matthias Kurz is now an Integrator! James Roper 8/6/15
TechEmpower Round 10 [was Re: Techempower Round 3] Rich Dougherty 8/6/15
Volunteer to fix resource leak bug? Rich Dougherty 8/6/15
Spurious tests failure in master Mirco Dotta 8/6/15
Play and Akka-http: what is the plan? Julien Richard-Foy 8/6/15
Another spurious test failure Mirco Dotta 8/5/15
Support for CDI 2.0 (Contexts and Dependency Injection) / JSR 365 Michael Slinn 8/5/15
test failing in master Mirco Dotta 8/4/15
Don't bump the version of HikariCP in 2.4.x stream Mirco Dotta 8/2/15
Introduce alias of index access on JsPath kbigwheel 7/23/15
What to do with Crypto? Will Sargent 7/15/15
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