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How to backport pull requests in Play Will Sargent 7/1/17
Play 2.6.3 Released! Rich Dougherty 8/11/17
[Play 2.6.x] SBT 1.0 Support (or, Scala.js blocker is gone) virtualeyes 7/30/17
Play 2.5.16 Released! Marcos Pereira 7/20/17
Play 2.6.2 Released! Marcos Pereira 7/20/17
playframework + Google Appengine Tanin Na Nakorn 6/30/17
Problem with migration of play-java-ebean-example to 2.6.0 Grzegorz Slowikowski 6/24/17
Last call for migration doc PRs Will Sargent 6/22/17
Has anyone successfully implemented SSL in Play 2.5 using Scala? Jacqueline Hubbard 6/1/17
Reloading on request vs change detected benmccann 5/18/17
Help Play FrameWork 2.1.1 What is the best connection practice for mysql database Roger Messina 5/17/17
Faulty link on downloads page Gavin Baumanis 4/30/17
Dominik Dorn is now an Integrator Greg Methvin 4/18/17
[Play-2.5 +] ApplicationEvolutions.runEvolutions should be protected rather than private Rajendra Prasad Gujja 4/13/17
Help Asynchronous persistence layer Roger Messina 4/12/17
Play 2.6.0-M4 released! Greg Methvin 4/7/17
Set configuration values on application.conf from file system (Docker Swarm secrets) Mario S 4/5/17
Support LocalDate parsing with @Formats.DateTime Clément Poissonnier 4/4/17
Play 2.6 dropping support for Activator Greg Methvin 3/29/17
2.6.0 assets migration ... put it into JavaContextComponents ? [JAVA] Dominik Dorn 3/23/17
Play vs Lagom documentation setup benmccann 3/20/17
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