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Welcome to the Play Framework developer list. This list is for developers of Play to collaborate and discuss developing Play framework.

If you're interested in talking about using Play, you should use the play-framework group.

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Fixing the Play performance tests Rich Dougherty 9/26/16
Add connection state to RequestHeader Paul Draper 9/26/16
Play 3.0 roadmap Greg Methvin 9/26/16
Play 2.5.8 released Greg Methvin 9/14/16
release date lost in the change log yannsimon 9/13/16
Play 2.5.7 released! Greg Methvin 9/12/16
Best practices for 2.6.x migration Will Sargent 9/12/16
Play 2.5.6 released Greg Methvin 9/6/16
Branch netty-reactive-streams Christian Schmitt 9/4/16
Removing / Changing Jackson Christian Schmitt 9/1/16
Play 2.5.5 released! Greg Methvin 8/24/16
Routes `withPrefix` is not reflected in generated router virtualeyes 8/21/16
Play 2.5 migration hickups Dominik Dorn 8/17/16
[Scala 2.5.4] org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FATAL: sorry, too many clients already: Timeout Michael Slinn 8/1/16
How to setup requestHandler and actionCreator in the application.conf Emily 7/27/16
Playframework helper for dropdown menu Noor Rayni 7/24/16
How best to manage templates? Will Sargent 7/22/16
Supporting Spring as an alternative to Guice? Remi Thieblin 7/18/16
Setting up Scalatest-Play for 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT Will Sargent 7/5/16
Play 2.5.4 released Greg Methvin 7/4/16
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