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Setting up Scalatest-Play for 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT Will Sargent 5/27/16
Algolia docsearch James Roper 5/27/16
Backporting F.Promise / Actions returning CompletionStage to 2.4 Dominik Dorn 5/25/16
Best Practices for sample applications Will Sargent 5/24/16
Awesome Play like site? Will Sargent 5/24/16
reference.conf/evolutions should be inside a jar / not conf Christian Schmitt 5/24/16
Filters concept improvement proposal in regard to error handling Dominik Dorn 5/22/16
Play too slow ! jars jars jars all the time downloading!!!! placebo cure 5/22/16
Help me write a Play Json format for generic (bounded types) class Noor Rayni 5/21/16
Play 2.2.6 for Scala 2.11 Michael Slinn 5/5/16
Supporting Spring as an alternative to Guice? Remi Thieblin 5/2/16
squash and merge Greg Methvin 5/2/16
Re: Play Framework form data Greg Methvin 5/2/16
Play 2.5.3 released Greg Methvin 4/27/16
Help: Deserialize Json to class that takes Map as param to its constructor Noor Rayni 4/23/16
Play 2.5.2 released Greg Methvin 4/19/16
Feature: run evolutions from sbt Stewart Stewart 4/13/16
Play 2.5.1 released Greg Methvin 4/11/16
Removing global state from actions and controllers Greg Methvin 4/5/16
thymeleaf with playframework 1.4.1 Sandip kumar 4/4/16
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