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Will Anorm 2.6.0 be released? Grzegorz Slowikowski 1:13 AM
Problem with migration of play-java-ebean-example to 2.6.0 Grzegorz Slowikowski 6/24/17
sbt-plugin vs sbt dependency for play-based libraries Jeff White 6/24/17
Redirect to https://localhost:9443 when using RedirectHttpsFilter (Play 2.6.0) Роман Паршиков 6/23/17
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Access-Control-Allow-Origin header not added on POST even I enabled the corsFIlter Scott Liu 6/23/17
WSClient, DNS caching and maxConnectionLifetime Shlomi Shadi 6/22/17
[OFF-TOPIC] New book about Play Framework Alberto Souza 6/22/17
Last call for migration doc PRs Will Sargent 6/22/17
Cancelling Ajax file upload post to Play Edem Nsefik 6/22/17
[Play 2.5] test fails due to missing mocha.js Yann Moisan 6/22/17
[Question] Suppress twirl template deprecation method warnings Vitalii Stein 6/22/17
Class not found 6/21/17
Patterns for Handling Completion Stage and Exceptions together? Kamal raj 6/21/17
having a 'override' directory for Twirl templates - how to?? Ian Holsman 6/21/17
Deadbolt Java 2.6 RC2 Steve Chaloner 6/21/17
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