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Play 2.4.2 is released! James Roper 7/20/15
[2.1.1 - Scala] Question about Play and session security Dominykas Mostauskis 7:20 AM
[1.3.1] Should I be worried about this? Johan Vosloo 6:21 AM
[2.4-java] Where should I put my custom DataBinder? Ruither Borba 4:27 AM
Multiple ajax request are slow Jean Boudet 4:21 AM
Handle Server Sent Events closed by client side Grzegorz Wilaszek 4:15 AM
Play 2.3.10 has been released James Roper 8/2/15
[play2.4.2-java] Tan Nguyen 8/2/15
Getting an error message while trying to build Play Scala project in Intellij Idea Ultimate version 14.0.4 Abdugani Norbutaev 8/2/15
[2.4.2-Scala] Could not access type JavascriptLitteral in package play.api.mvc Shayan Shahand 8/2/15
[2.3 java] authentication and authorization module abhishek 8/2/15
How to use MongoDB Async Java Driver in Play Framework 2.x action? Saeed Zarinfam 8/1/15
Play Framework [2.4.x] OpenID and Oauth — using PLAINTEXT for oauth_signature_method Gary Hewett 8/1/15
[2.4.2] unresolved dependencies :;2.4.2: not found Adrien Crovetto 8/1/15
[2.3 java] compress and combine js and css abhishek 7/31/15
[Scala 2.4.2] Type Hierarchy Scaladoc Diagrams Michael Slinn 7/31/15
Server rpc:s-7;aec-0 ci45-tcyo-ljjre It wasn't me 7/31/15
[2.4.2-scala] can't start in production Sergey Dashko 7/31/15
[2.3.8-Java] Create a TestServer with an already started FakeApplication Jarett Creason 7/31/15
activator 1.3.5 dist error Sean Sekora 7/31/15
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