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Play 2.4.2 is released! James Roper 7/4/15
Cannot build from 2.4 source Peter Morris 3:05 PM
How to track Akka actors and other play related tasks in Play framework 2.4.2? Mitesh Sharma 2:06 PM
[Play 2.4] Unit testing controllers methods that expect an http request body Evan Lennick 12:10 PM
[Play 2.4.2] Cannot create new project using activator - Requirement failed: source file is a directory Duc Thang Truong 10:35 AM
Scala IDE errors in viewing index.scala.html and other html files Sai Raghava 10:10 AM
version 2.3.x life Foo Lim 2:55 AM
Play 2.4 and Json parsing issue rajv 7/4/15
[Play 2.4] [Java] How to specify a test-database with GuiceApplicationBuilder? Carsten D. 7/4/15
Newbie to Play Framewrok Sai Raghava 7/4/15
JPA entity can't find for mapped when deployment Ye Tian 7/4/15
Changing route and play.plugins at runtime Patrick Li 7/3/15
error resolving sbt plugin in intellij 14.1 Manu Reddy 7/3/15
@ symbol not getting resolved. Manu Reddy 7/3/15
I need a help with running tests on the environment close to production Alexander Sedov 7/3/15
[2.4 Java] New error handling with HttpErrorHandler not printing the full stack to log Fabian Gilson 7/3/15
Re: [play-framework] Digest for - 21 updates in 15 topics sven 7/3/15
[Play 2.3.9] [Scala] [MongoDB] How can I find a play form type (for handling post requests in controller) in order to map a class containing BSONObjectID type? Xan 7/3/15
[2.4.1-java] scala-ide 'ambiguous reference to overloaded definition' errors Harley Waldstein 7/3/15
[Play-Java] Support HTTPS in Production Navin Math 7/3/15
scala , play framework on r/ Wobben 7/3/15
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