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Play 2.5.3 released Greg Methvin 4/27/16
On mac while running activator activator ui getting error Nilesh Darade 4/30/16
spark training in bay area 4/30/16
template.uuid Gavin Baumanis 4/29/16
[2.5.x] Running transactions decoupled from requests Aleksandr Savvopulo 4/29/16
[Play 2.4.6] I would like to add a a header when returning an asset using the Play Assets Controller Archie Sheran 4/29/16
Play 2.3.x Scala + i18n Ignacio Nieto 4/29/16
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Can we turn off and on Schedule conditionally? 4/29/16
How to write a JUnit Test 4/29/16
[Play 2.5.x] Play.application() is deprecated - What alternative? Thibault Meyer 4/29/16
[Java-2.5.2] SimpleLoggerFactory cannot be cast to ch.qos.logback.classic.LoggerContext Johan Dahlberg 4/29/16
JUnit Testing Controller with Ebean. Setting of attributes is not working via direct field access - only via setter. Simon Jacobs 4/29/16
"activator" links in Downloads page Jenny Abramov 4/29/16
[2.5 Scala] Route-based authorization in Deadbolt Steve Chaloner 4/29/16
Connection to MS SQL 2014 Arsen Anay 4/28/16
Re: [play-framework] ActiveSlick usage in Slick 3, Play 2.5 renghenthecow 4/28/16
[Play Framework 2.4.0] hikariconfig problem João Azevedo 4/28/16
[2.5.0 Java] Checking environment in twirl templates Gustavo Santos 4/28/16
Welcome to the Dependecy Inyection HELL Daniel Sanchez 4/28/16
Unable validate DTO object using @Valid annotation Play 1.4.1 Akash Gupta 4/28/16
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