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Play 2.4.0 "Damiya" is released Greg Methvin 2:31 AM
Java Async IO sample Navin Math 4:05 AM
Java: Async IO Navin Math 4:03 AM
[2.4] Public folder from submodule not working after upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4 Christian Dullweber 4:01 AM
[2.4.0] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: play/Play$ Fong Huang Yee 3:36 AM
[2.4.0-java] package org.mockito does not exist Ruither Borba 2:32 AM
[2.4-scala] Problems with evolutions using Play and Slick Fokko Driesprong 2:30 AM
[2.4] [SECURITY] Review of Crypto library v6ak 1:56 AM
[2.3+] sbt-web asset dependencies Manuel Bernhardt 12:41 AM
[2.3.9 java] Variable Template Name? Ben Developer 6/1/15
Play Http or Https Navin Math 6/1/15
[2.3.x]every activators in downloads page of 2.3.x are all the same Peng Fang 6/1/15
Play Framework 2.3 shutdown without logs Juan A 6/1/15
Play app architecture Matt 6/1/15
Incorrect list - I do not read "idP" and "id" MJ 6/1/15
Router imports configuration Ivan Doroshenko 6/1/15
[2.4.0-java] Router not found on Unit Testing Controllers Ruither Borba 6/1/15
[2.3 - Scala] Unit testing Actions with JSON bodyparsers: always gettiing "Bad JSON" Thomas Toye 6/1/15
[play-2.4] Best way to clean up a database in unit tests with play-slick Stuart Small 6/1/15
[2.1.3-Java] Problem with SSL connections William Lebel 6/1/15
Play 2.4 disable certification check (not working?!) Christian Schmitt 6/1/15
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