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Play 2.3.8 released Peter Vlugter 2/13/15
[2.4.0-M3-scala] Cannot resolve assets in submodules Taig 4:49 AM
Action Filter Thread Safety Routing Issues - invoking from a Promise Joseph Lust 4/17/15
Play 2.4 Dependency Injection in Non-Controller Modules kraythe 4/17/15
[Play 2.3] play fingerprinting with require.js Puneet Arora 4/17/15
[2.3.7 Scala] Exclude folder in sbt Rui Morais 4/17/15
Is it possible to serialize an ActorRef into JSON using Play-JSON? Chris Ridmann 4/17/15
[2.3.8 Scala] Two routes file Oliver Ruebenacker 4/17/15
Play 2.4.0-M3 released! James Roper 4/17/15
How to convert strings to numbers while validating JSON Giuseppe Greco 4/17/15
How to initialize all controllers at startup? Chris Toomey 4/17/15
Play dist logger Emiliano Anichini 4/17/15
Spring data jpa and play framework integration 4/16/15
Chunked responses with Set-Cookie trailers Jxtps 4/16/15
[2.3.8 Scala] Trying to send an InputStream through Result... failing JoeT 4/16/15
Why is Ebeans the ORM of Choice when the developers are ambivalent, at best, about Scala. kraythe 4/16/15
Assets to CDN Neil Chaudhuri 4/16/15
Play Java logs errors before calling the Global.onError method Donja Crta 4/16/15
v2.3.8: how the configuration is selected in dev vs. prod? Alfonso Garcia 4/16/15
Importing Data from CSV file using Play2/Akka/Camel 4/16/15
Play Framework 2.3.8 compilation error Tanguy Lapegue 4/16/15
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