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Iterating over an association in_groups_of (i.e. "wrapper every X items") Timothy Spangler 9/15/15
User has_many Goals, only want the new goal to show on edit screen Bob Larrick 9/3/15
Any example of using simple_form with polymorphic associations? Kedar Mhaswade 8/31/15
Format date when using :as=>:string sopwithpup 8/28/15
Array field custom input Cam Allen 8/7/15
Have horizontal radio_buttons when using Bootstrap Juliano Nunes 7/26/15
Add custom CSS to input labels using association checkboxes Dan Weaver 7/7/15
How to set `label_text` for optional fields? Adrien 7/7/15
Checkbox unexpectedly indented with Bootstrap 3 horizontal form mcbsys 7/6/15
Customize ids for radio_buttons in nested simple_field forms Cédric Lor 7/5/15
Problems with checkbox not returning a value Zoe Steinkamp 7/1/15
Checkboxes and its label's for attribute Andy Shen 6/5/15
Compatibility with Bootstrap 3 for SimpleForm 2.1 Diego Marcet 5/20/15
how to include the label in the error message? jeroen houben 5/18/15
How do you remove the default class that simpleform creates on the form? patrick99e99 4/30/15
ActiveRecord Base Errors Adam 4/13/15
Include Custom Hidden Field by Default Faraz Yashar 3/25/15
Old config/initializers/simple_form.rb Frank Tellefsen 3/24/15
Collection_check_boxes lable tag issue. Kate 3/18/15
How do I translate labels on error messages when label is set to false? Leandro França 3/16/15
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