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Customizing simple_form boolean input Jasper Rädisch 2/2/17
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inline-block Joseph 8/27/16
Associations, render a boolean column from a different model. Steven Leiva 6/30/16
math symbol (square root) in text field area Augusto della Faille 5/24/16
how to make this work r/ Wobben 5/3/16
Problem for multiple selector in simple form Anthony BESSON 4/19/16
Testing for error occurance for Bootstrap 4 Jonathan Frankel 4/14/16
How to set `label_text` for optional fields? Adrien 4/11/16
How can I create a nested dropdown for states and cities? Juliano Nunes 4/11/16
can I see this Comments* instead of *comments r/ Wobben 4/10/16
Trouble creating a custom wrapper 4/7/16
Multiple Checkboxes input not rendering checked Brian Malinconico 3/28/16
simple_form with rspec requires default_url_options to be set Koen. 3/24/16
simple_form with Foundation6. Hiroyuki Sato 3/9/16
How to internationalize the true and false options for a boolean field that is rendered as :radio_button? Jeremy Fleischman 3/7/16
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