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Help on customizing the DateTimeInput Victor Martins 2:32 AM
Custom datetime template question 游宗諺 1:42 AM
2 inline fields in a horizontal form Ewa Marciniak 2/18/15
simple_form 3.1.0.rc2 or bootstrap is messing up with forms (mainly for datatime and radio_buttons fields) 2/10/15
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Input field width 1/27/15
datetime range of years seems limited Fred 1/10/15
Add a parameters to submit buttons Max Grønlund 12/28/14
How to make a required label for nested objects collection Marcos Menegazzo 11/19/14
Bootstrap input fields width setting stop working after upgarding to from Emclab2001 11/14/14
how to add a class to individual inner html label radio button blocks? Joe Ersinghaus 11/4/14
adding an additional label or text after the input field John Davalos 10/31/14
3.1 release timeline and best branch to use for latest stable Bootstrap 3 wrapper support Abe Voelker 10/22/14
Desativando itens de um f.association adell 10/12/14
How do I accept HTML into my textbox? Marc Gayle 9/29/14
help is resolving validation issue QAISER MUHAMMAD 9/29/14
Contact Us form QAISER MUHAMMAD 9/29/14
undefined method `boolean_label_class=' for SimpleForm:Module? Nathaniel Barnes 9/26/14
How to convert this Component to SimpleForms 3.1.0.rc1? John McDowall 9/15/14
CSS styling in Simple Form with Bootstrap Melanie M 8/26/14
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