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Association Franky Quiñones 2:10 AM
use_html5_inputs? vs html5? Kai Schneider 4/18/14
Custom markup for checkboxes 4/9/14
Override label class in a custom wrapper Andrea Campolonghi 3/28/14
Using error_html with b.use David Long 3/26/14
Showing base errors with the error_notification form helper jokklan 3/14/14
Rename form 3/5/14
altering collection input label options Jim Gay 3/5/14
boolean :as => :radio. Can this be configured to display something other than 'Yes' and 'No'? Gavin 3/5/14
Re: radio button help 2/18/14
Can I replace class variables with class instance variables? Alexander Popov 2/17/14
Simple_form Bootstrap CSS Sandy Fischler 2/4/14
Is it possible to define html options for custom components? Ying Bian 1/9/14
Getting a weird syntax error at http://localhost:3000/contacts/new Harris Robin Kalash 12/24/13
Remove or change wrap class 12/19/13
I18n for labels of type :boolean as: :radio_buttons Adam Spooner 11/27/13
Populate two inputs with one drop down list igor972 11/17/13
hidden field just to pass to controller but not be bound to entity...? Anthony Kerz 11/14/13
How to have different simple_form configuration between a Rails app and a mounted engine ? Virudson Thitilertdecha 11/12/13
Displaying errors all at once bertly_the_coder 11/11/13
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