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Document Properties (aka Metadata) and other things too Alan Horkan 2/26/15
Re: Pinta crop Charles Pergiel 2/24/15
Asked GitHub to detach PintaProject/Pinta from xxgreg/Pinta Robert Nordan 2/22/15 - windows development builds IgorZ 2/21/15
Translators please start translating Pinta - Pinta 1.6 release is in the corner IgorZ 2/20/15
Aiuto/Help Simone 2/20/15
Pinta Download page still states it is required to have .NET 4.0 IgorZ 2/17/15
Pinta and gtk3 Carl Perfect 2/9/15
News web page at should get updated IgorZ 2/8/15
Pinta Website Backend Change Jonathan Pobst 2/7/15
1.6 Release Plans Jonathan Pobst 2/6/15
Why can't I open a file with Pinta from Ubuntu's file context menu? Chev 2/5/15
A Few Questions Spec ies 2/5/15
Build errors on FreeBSD 10.1 (i386) Manish Jain 2/5/15
Problem with exif data Chris Taklis 2/5/15
Can you guys help me? Andri Kusmana 1/26/15
Pinta will not open image when double-clicking or choosing Open With James Post 1/16/15
New Add-in: Generate Grid Stephen Kew 1/13/15 site broken Ivan Masár 12/4/14
Free Transform - Resize and rotate layers. Chris Taklis 11/28/14
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