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The actual documentation for our API is located on this site: https://sites.google.com/site/picplzapi/

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jquery-picplz and code example now available Dalton Caldwell 1/26/11
picplz API - Read this first Dalton Caldwell 1/26/11
API not supplying image licensing? Ido Moshe 2/19/12
Urgent - calling PicPlz, capture image to gallery and upload image vsambhe 12/15/11
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OAuth in an IOS app MartinW 11/25/11
Working with short URLs Jacob 11/11/11
OmniAuth with Rails Stuff! Arun Agrawal 11/7/11
Picplz api on Google App Engine bojanbabic 10/11/11
JSONP callback parameter has a wrong regex Deuterome 9/21/11
Developer APIs to create Picplz accounts Codevalley 9/20/11
[picplz-api] Getting photos using latitude and longitude information Philip De Smedt 9/4/11
access token different than what is listed in the docs Cinegod 8/22/11
Error trying to GET using "self" Cinegod 8/12/11
Short URL of a picture uploaded with the API Manuel 6/19/11
How would I get a list of collections of a User? Sarvesh 5/29/11
pics from a collection FlashDev2008 5/26/11
Is the token dance really work? amrishodiq 5/19/11
JavaScript OAuth boredom2 5/15/11
Check out my first PicPlz API App Daniel Spillere Andrade 5/1/11
any news on API support for collections? sebastienwindal 4/25/11
List of following / followed by for a user hschutte 4/25/11
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