Welcome to the PHX2600 discussion group!  The PHX2600 is a local group of hackers and technology enthusiasts interested in all things security and hacking related. Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month starting at 6PM, see for the up-to-date meeting location.

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Trust No One PHLAK 1/10/18
January Meeting Tonight PHLAK 1/5/18
Trial of Bitcoiner Thomas Costanzo in Phoenix, AZ on 1/4/2018 @ 9:00 am. Theo Chino 1/1/18
October 2017 Meeting PHLAK 11/17/17
Voting machine fun! John Aho 9/12/17
Just ported Cloakify to Powershell and posted it. John Aho 7/31/17
move meeting place iamtheevil1 7/30/17
Flagrant Self-Promotion: I'm speaking at DEF CON this year. Come check it out! Dan Petro 7/17/17
DefCon 25 - Ride & Room Share Phiberdelic Phreaker 7/15/17
Meeting Tonight PHLAK 5/5/17
The Top Popper (Lock Pick) PHLAK 4/7/17
Lost sunglasses Nate Plamondon 2/20/17
Events that aren't on Friday night twitterkilo 2/20/17
move meeting place back to phoenix iamtheevil1 12/15/16
November Meeting Timothy Li 11/4/16
October 2016 Meeting PHLAK 10/6/16
Re: [PHX2600] Entrepreneurship Coaching, Training, and Help iamtheevil1 9/19/16
Phoenix Tech Job postings Anthony Gulotta 9/10/16
September 2016 Meeting PHLAK 8/31/16
Defcon Eric Davisson 8/5/16
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