Welcome to the PHX2600 discussion group!  The PHX2600 is a local group of hackers and technology enthusiasts interested in all things security and hacking related. Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month starting at 6PM, see for the up-to-date meeting location.

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Virus identification on Kaggle Dan Stahlke 2/11/15
Holtek Casey Dekker 1/15/15
Club Mate order? bradley.will 1/4/15
Root the Box 2015: Call for challenges! Dan Petro 12/10/14
December Meeting Eric Davisson 12/2/14
CTF - CSAW Quals Sept 19th - 20th Dan Petro 11/2/14
Lightning round talks... Eric Davisson 10/17/14
Toorcon iamtheevil1 10/8/14
The Oatmeal in Tempe Rax 10/6/14
Anyone going to Defcon this year John Aho 10/5/14
October 2014 Meeting (HSL Again?) PHLAK 10/1/14
PSSH... Eric Davisson 10/1/14
Positive definition of hackers Rax 9/5/14
Tesla's handwriting as a font Rax 9/5/14
September 2014 Meeting @ HeatSync Labs PHLAK 9/4/14
Dark Mail talk at Defcon Rax 8/29/14
2600 meeting at HSL Eric Davisson 8/15/14
HITCON CTF (weekend of Aug 15th) Dan Petro 8/11/14
Defcon 2014 az2600 8/5/14
My HOPE X talk on YouTube Eric Davisson 8/2/14
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