Welcome to the PHX2600 discussion group!  The PHX2600 is a local group of hackers and technology enthusiasts interested in all things security and hacking related. Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month starting at 6PM, see for the up-to-date meeting location.

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move meeting place back to phoenix iamtheevil1 12/15/16
November Meeting Timothy Li 11/4/16
October 2016 Meeting PHLAK 10/6/16
Re: [PHX2600] Entrepreneurship Coaching, Training, and Help iamtheevil1 9/19/16
Phoenix Tech Job postings Anthony Gulotta 9/10/16
Lost sunglasses Nate Plamondon 9/2/16
September 2016 Meeting PHLAK 8/31/16
Defcon Eric Davisson 8/5/16
question about IT work. Terabyte2600 8/3/16
August 2016 Meeting PHLAK 8/2/16
GPS Simulators... So this is a thing.. John Aho 7/15/16
July 2016 Meeting PHLAK 7/3/16
Meeting Reminder: June 2016 Meeting this Friday PHLAK 6/3/16
CactusCon 2016 badge picture/screenshot, anyone? Pauly Junior 5/22/16
Re: [PHX2600] Abridged summary of - 3 updates in 1 topic John Aho 5/13/16
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May 2016 meeting, at CactusCon? twitterkilo 5/6/16
I'm new here. Luke Goodhue 4/10/16
AZ GiveCamp next weekend - March 11-13 twitterkilo 4/10/16
April 2016 Meeting PHLAK 4/1/16
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