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This forum is for Passenger-related discussions and community support. Post here if you have a Passenger-related problem.

The Passenger authors look here and help people from time to time, but a timely response (or a response at all) from the authors is not guaranteed. If you are looking for guaranteed support, please take a look at our premium support contracts instead.

If you suspect that your problem is caused by a bug in Passenger, please report that to the Github issue tracker instead of here.

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I fail to see Apache processes @ passenger-memory-stats Gabriel Lichtenstein 7/24/17
tutorial Deploying a Ruby app on a Linux/Unix production server: index files only !? Dominique 31 7/24/17
Nginx error on Heroku - PhusionPassenger::DaemonController::StopError Espen Antonsen 7/21/17
age/Cor/Con/CheckoutSession.cpp:315 ]: [Client 1-1] Cannot checkout session due to Passenger::RuntimeException: No startCommand given Лучиано Чоткий 7/21/17
Preloader Issues - Can't Find rbenv BeeRich33 7/20/17
Nginx 1.12.1 7/20/17
Passenger 5.1.6 Released Camden Narzt 7/20/17
Error_page Strategy BeeRich33 7/19/17
High Response Time from Passenger Workers. Abhishek Singh 7/18/17
Passenger not using all cores Matijs van Zuijlen 7/18/17
Friendly error page not showing up Gerard Martin 7/17/17
nginx 403 & No Passenger Processes BeeRich33 7/13/17
Passenger processes getting stuck in shutting down state. Himanshu Sachdeva 7/13/17
Too high count of threads on "open source" passenger core process Pascal Chambon 7/11/17
[create_thread_and_abort_on_exception] rails API throws 404 Chemi 7/11/17
nginx passenger standalone prevent proxy_pass on subdirectory Kuamanet 7/6/17
Passenger 5.0.25 appears to Deadlock with threads using lib classes Jake LaCombe 7/6/17
application-level signal handlers while running under Passenger 7/4/17
Passenger stuck on first request serving from Rails Mohammad Kazim Zaidi 6/27/17
Re: Different passenger status, on one server with OpenSSL on another without Camden Narzt 6/22/17
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