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This forum is for Passenger-related discussions and community support. Post here if you have a Passenger-related problem.

The Passenger authors look here and help people from time to time, but a timely response (or a response at all) from the authors is not guaranteed. If you are looking for guaranteed support, please take a look at our premium support contracts instead.

If you suspect that your problem is caused by a bug in Passenger, please report that to the Github issue tracker instead of here.

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Couldn't forward the HTTP response back to the HTTP client: It seems the user clicked on the 'Stop' button in his browser akshar jamgaonkar 5:13 PM
passenger_pool_idle_time Not Respected With passenger_spawn_method direct? s shaw 9:43 AM
Apache2, Passenger, Rails in Vagrant Development Environment Caching Despite RailsEnv Development being set Daniel Bingham 8/30/16
SIGHUP and Could not find rake errors 8/30/16
Passenger queue full for rails application hosted on aws (passenger_max_request_queue_size) Raman M 8/29/16
action cable support on Passenger + Apache Tsz-Chiu Au 8/29/16
Cannot download passenger_native_support for the 2.2.2 Ruby dantaiko 8/29/16
ActionController::Live concurrent clients Arindam Mukherjee 8/26/16
Node.js v8-options Michael A. Jackson 8/26/16
Ancient history question -- Apache 2.4.2, Passenger 3.0.14e, Ruby 1.9.3-p194, and Rails 3.2.21 pedz 8/19/16
don't route certain requests through passenger for single virtual host Jay Howard 8/19/16
Passenger process min does not seem to be honored Jon Heckman 8/17/16
Passenger + nginx + faye-websockect not stored clients in array Julian Botia 8/17/16
Cannot download passenger-standalone binares for 5.0.28 Tyler Kling 8/17/16
Passenger + Nginx + Meteor on centos, what is the newest version of mongodb supported? Terguun Zoregtiin 8/17/16
SELinux and license file (Enterprise Edition) Nicholai de Guzman 8/17/16
Is there any way to update flying passenger application max instances and min instances via nginx config? Олег Бобок 8/17/16
Web Application could not be started. Cannot execute "/usr/bin/zsh": No such file or directory (errno=2) 8/16/16
Appmetrics does not work with Node.js apps fronted by Passenger Michael A. Jackson 8/16/16
Setup: Passenger with Nginx for a rails app on EC2 8/12/16
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