Phusion Passenger Discussions (deprecated)

This forum was for Passenger-related discussions and community support. It is being discontinued in favour of Stack Overflow. Please post there with the passenger tag if you have a Passenger-related problem.

If you suspect that your problem is caused by a bug in Passenger, please report that to the Github issue tracker instead of here or Stack Overflow.

If you just want to stay up to date with new Passenger releases, please subscribe to our blog.

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redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS - Passenger Standalone with AWS - Elastic Load Balancer Vishal Sadriya 11/9/17
We are phasing out the phusion-passenger Google Group Hongli Lai 8/24/17
Passenger 5.1.8 Released Daniel Knoppel 8/23/17
Can't get Phusion Passenger to run on fresh install with Ubuntu Zesty - /usr/sbin/nginx could not be executed Dani 8/21/17
Two Concurrent Phusion Passengers Jonathan Hilgeman 8/17/17
Cannot execute /root/.rbenv/shims/ruby: Permission denied (13) christian 8/17/17
Updating OpenSSL and Ruby in Passenger/Apache Setup Jonathan Hilgeman 8/14/17
RedHat 7, Passenger 5.1.7, SELinux: AH00035: access to / denied bdeter 8/8/17
nginx and passenger require public prefix for assets Don Hill 8/8/17
Passenger 5.1.7 Released Camden Narzt 8/1/17
I fail to see Apache processes @ passenger-memory-stats Gabriel Lichtenstein 7/31/17
Passenger Memory Consumes 99% Memory Ivan Gonzales 7/28/17
tutorial Deploying a Ruby app on a Linux/Unix production server: index files only !? Dominique 31 7/26/17
Nginx error on Heroku - PhusionPassenger::DaemonController::StopError Espen Antonsen 7/21/17
age/Cor/Con/CheckoutSession.cpp:315 ]: [Client 1-1] Cannot checkout session due to Passenger::RuntimeException: No startCommand given Лучиано Чоткий 7/21/17
Preloader Issues - Can't Find rbenv BeeRich33 7/20/17
Nginx 1.12.1 7/20/17
Passenger 5.1.6 Released Camden Narzt 7/20/17
Error_page Strategy BeeRich33 7/19/17
High Response Time from Passenger Workers. Abhishek 7/18/17
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