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Where can I find tuotrials for integration of PHP and Solr to index PDF documents? BEN Naoufal 2/10/16
How to solr tika use? Upadhyay Ritesh 2/10/16
FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function solr_get_version() in /home/fs/www/solr.php in nginx error log fs chan 7/17/15
Solr error when update a document Uruca A 6/1/15
10 php ebooks collection free download jaad lee 8/13/14
Apache solr installation on Shared Hosting account Karpatiya Suresh 7/22/14
install shailendra acharya 3/14/14
N level Tree category prepare in solr possible & update/insert? Upadhyay Ritesh 9/27/13
Finding a host for our test Solr environment Eric Caron 2/5/13
Query search handler (qt) Lukasz Kujawa 2/2/13
How do we get more people to join this group? Eric Caron 1/30/13
Any suggestions for a nice Etherpad Lite provider? Eric Caron 1/30/13
SolrClient version switch Lukasz Kujawa 1/30/13
PHP Docu updated Nick Wallace (Solr PHP developer) 1/29/13
Requested "ATLASSIAN - Open Source Project License" Eric Caron 1/29/13