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[VOTE] Stormpath PHP SDK membership Korvin Szanto 3:09 PM
[VOTE][Entrance] Extended Coding Style Guide Korvin Szanto 12:55 PM
Emails not showing up Evert Pot 12:48 PM
Proposal: Version deprecation PSR (aka GoPHP PSR) Larry Garfield 12:46 PM
[VOTE] SilverStripe CalEvans 12:46 PM
[PSR-6] Concrete exception classes Bernhard Schussek 5:48 AM
Change in represented project Karsten Dambekalns 8/27/15
[PSR-6] Return values Larry Garfield 8/26/15
[PSR-6] Decoupling CacheItem from CacheItemPool rindeal 8/25/15
Proposal: Coding standards extension PSR to reflect new functionality Michael Cullum 8/25/15
PHPixie Membership Dracony 8/25/15
Why the Extended Coding Style Guide is its own PSR Korvin Szanto 8/24/15
Github circleci integration Korvin Szanto 8/24/15
Website/PSR Index Change: Reverse order of statuses Michael Cullum 8/23/15
PSR-2 and PHP 7 Nigel Greenway 8/21/15
[PSR-11] Issue 1-A - PSR-11 and the service locator pattern David Négrier 8/21/15
PSR-9 and 10 thoughts Korvin Szanto 8/19/15
[PSR-6] Expiration Matteo Beccati 8/13/15
PSR-5 Update and Sponsor still wanted Mike van Riel 8/13/15
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