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[Proposal] FIG 3.0 - Core Committee name Larry Garfield 1:17 PM
[VOTE] Entrance Vote for Event Manager Brian Retterer 5/3/16
Membership Request: Georges Limouzy (phpFastCache) Georges L. 5/3/16
[Proposal] FIG 3.0 Larry Garfield 4/30/16
[PSR-12] Function declarations with multiline arguments AND return type declaration Nic 4/29/16
EventManager Draft Chuck Reeves 4/29/16
FIG meeting at phpDay Italy? Matteo Beccati 4/29/16
[Proposal] FIG 3.0 - Vacancy elections Larry Garfield 4/28/16
Resigning sabre/dav Evert Pot 4/28/16
[Proposal] FIG 3.0 - Core Committee Voter List Larry Garfield 4/28/16
Website License Michael Cullum 4/17/16
Slim Framework Change of Representatives Josh Lockhart 4/15/16
PSR-2 : Linefeeds versus Newlines Anthony Watson 4/15/16
Idea: common template syntax Dracony 4/13/16
PSR-11 update: ContainerInterface, cross-framework modules Matthieu Napoli 4/11/16
PSR-7 with RFC 6570 (opinion question) Chuck Reeves 4/11/16
Shell Wrapper PSR Xedin Unknown 4/4/16
PSR-9 Should include a responsible disclosure policy 3/31/16
PSR-12: what about alternative control structures syntax? Anatoly Pashin 3/29/16
PSR Idea: Messaging API Márk Sági-Kazár 3/28/16
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