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They are broken up into sections, including tech support to interest-based groups (plant breeding, ag extension, plant science, etc).

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We'll be continuing to improve the forums and adding daily digest emails and other features, so expect the quality to improve over time. 

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PhotosynQ google groups moving to forums Greg Austic 6/8/15
availability Craig White 6/8/15
can PhotosynQ take measurements while not connected to the internet? Greg Austic 4/3/15
Android requirements Bob Haugen 3/21/15
updates from the Bay Area Maker Faire Greg Austic 5/16/14
Beta testing still open David Barton 4/10/14
ODE interview Greg Austic 3/13/14
progress slow but sure, see at Mach 30 Hangout Greg Austic 3/10/14
introduction from a HS Biology teacher Paige Prescott 2/10/14
Cheat sheet for non-scientists? Bob Haugen 1/31/14
Hi all Jose Lopez 1/30/14
Hello 1/24/14
new post, update on start of beta Greg Austic 1/20/14
sooooo close to first real dataset Greg Austic 1/14/14
Hello! 1/10/14
Intro Jen Johnson 1/6/14
Steve Herbert signing up Steve Herbert 1/6/14
Introduction Jesse Vollmar 1/5/14
SPAD measurement for chlorophyll content Greg Austic 1/1/14
Greetings Bruno Hay Mele 12/23/13
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