Welcome to the Photosynq google group.  This group for all discussions around the Photosynq project, which has the goal of creating a low cost, handheld device for measuring plant photosynthesis and plant health and an open source database for the resulting data.  Topics may be technical (hardware and software), people seeking collaborations or running experiments, questions/thoughts about the science behind the unit or possible research projects using the tool, etc.

Photosynq is an ongoing project which is continually being improved. We document our progress in a couple different ways:

Normal forum rules apply - be nice, respectful of people's time, etc. etc.

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can PhotosynQ take measurements while not connected to the internet? Greg Austic 4/3/15
Android requirements Bob Haugen 3/21/15
updates from the Bay Area Maker Faire Greg Austic 5/16/14
Beta testing still open David Barton 4/10/14
ODE interview Greg Austic 3/13/14
progress slow but sure, see at Mach 30 Hangout Greg Austic 3/10/14
introduction from a HS Biology teacher Paige Prescott 2/10/14
Cheat sheet for non-scientists? Bob Haugen 1/31/14
Hi all Jose Lopez 1/30/14
Hello 1/24/14
new post, update on start of beta Greg Austic 1/20/14
sooooo close to first real dataset Greg Austic 1/14/14
Hello! 1/10/14
Intro Jen Johnson 1/6/14
Steve Herbert signing up Steve Herbert 1/6/14
Introduction Jesse Vollmar 1/5/14
SPAD measurement for chlorophyll content Greg Austic 1/1/14
Greetings Bruno Hay Mele 12/23/13
How's it going? Bob Haugen 12/19/13
Maps Bob Haugen 11/21/13
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