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Participating in PES-SoC as a mentor deepak karki 4/11/14
[Projects] Monthly Report February 2014 Sathyam Vellal 2/22/14
Proposal for a 2nd GSoC meetup Sathyam Vellal 1/31/14
PES-CodeFest Vinod Kumar 1/30/14
[discussion] PES Summer of Code 2014 Sathyam Vellal 1/28/14
[projects] Monthly Report Sathyam Vellal 1/22/14
[Projects] Hoot, Data Visualizer, Task Queue _srp 1/21/14 2014 details Shantanu Tushar Jha 1/2/14
[Project] A Generic Source Code Indexer Sathyam Vellal 12/25/13
[Project] Universal Gestural Remote Suraj Srinivas 12/21/13
[Project] Optimus Prime, an IRC bot Shrikrishna Holla 12/20/13
[project] [website] Revamped Website for PESOS Sathyam Vellal 12/20/13
[projects] Guidelines to regarding PESOS Projects Sathyam Vellal 12/17/13
Linux Installation precautions and tips! Sathyam Vellal 10/29/13
Linux Package Installation Guide Ashray K.S Bhat 10/29/13
Pre Linux Install fest prep Shrikrishna Holla 10/26/13
Updates and event schedules Shrikrishna Holla 10/24/13
Meetup @ PESIT Shrikrishna Holla 10/11/13
Project Ideas list Shrikrishna Holla 10/10/13
[discussion] Projects for PES Open Source Community Sathyam Vellal 9/30/13
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