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Five New Products, Live from F8 Hector Ramos 3/28/15
PFFacebookUtils (v4) crash on unrecognized selector authType Milton Moura 6:19 AM
Database storage or File storage 2:59 AM
Tracking push with active application not work 2:18 AM
Request URI too long error Farwa 1:13 AM
Is get faster than first? Alexandru Brad 12:09 AM
CloudCode Job fails with message "Could not connect to Cloud Code" Kai Lim 12:05 AM
App hangs on iOS7.x while calling [PFFacebookUtils initializeFacebook] if local data store is enable Varun Bansal 12:02 AM
Parse Object subsclassing -- Missing argument for parameter 'className' in call Dmitry Amelchenko 3/29/15
What are the possibilities with Parse CloudCode? 3/29/15
Adding an Object(row) to an existing Class István Béri 3/29/15
Updating a ParseFile? Joe Shochet 3/29/15
how to use includeKey in swift? Sentanu Rodiyan Gibran 3/29/15
AutoLayout Login & Signup View Controllers Lorenço Gonzaga 3/29/15
Google Analytics and Parse Don Williamson 3/29/15
Silent Push Notifications Not Working In TestFlight Jack Higgins 3/29/15
How many "notEqualTo" constraints can I add to a query? James Connor 3/29/15
Parse doesn't seem to have updated their Facebook utilities for the deprecations Facebook has made michael rose 3/29/15
Cannot access my dashboard and website Ossama Benallouch 3/29/15
Parse User log out does not work for Android Zoran Pavlovic 3/29/15
{"code":159,"error":"Temporary error."} Hong Cai 3/29/15
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