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Inconsistency of figure caption alignment in beamer presentation ? J 9:48 PM
Some thought on tex_math_dollars jiewuza 8:05 PM
add metadata field via pandoc lua filter Baptiste Auguie 3:29 PM
reveal.js image vs figure John Muccigrosso 10:48 AM
Can pandoc parse content inside the parentheses of "\note{}" ? J 9:22 AM
If -t beamer is specified, the content is preprocessed before being sent to latex engine ? J 7:53 AM
bug? with markdown list parsing 6:34 AM
Converting from tex to word Eline 3/15/18
ANN: pandoc 2.1.2 John MacFarlane 3/15/18
bug? presence of comment renders header attributes literally Joseph 3/15/18
pandoc fails to use some packages (paracol) Joseph White 3/15/18
Lua filter to execute a command Philip Hodder 3/15/18
References in pandoc Alexandre Bergel 3/15/18
Unified syntax for slide background? John Muccigrosso 3/14/18
Sorting of references wit infixes in names Niels-Oliver Walkowski 3/14/18
option to parse fonts as attributes in the DOCX reader Francesco Occhipinti 3/14/18
Markdown with underline cases problem in epub validator when converted by Pandoc Russ 3/14/18
Problem with pandoc --to=ms output for bulleted lists. T. Kurt Bond 3/14/18
footnote problem with pandoc 2.12 Cesar 3/14/18
Can Pandock make Docbook format files? CR 3/13/18
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