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Did I spot a bug? Luis Fernado Silva Castro de Araújo 1:35 AM
RFC: Designing Logo of Pandoc Yuki Fujiwara 1:25 AM
Ancient Greek in output PDF John Muccigrosso 1:04 AM
Bibliography only page-breaks within references Reuben Thomas 1/19/17
Spurious <span class="kw"> around elements in mediawiki code blocks Joseph 1/19/17
Assistance with Math in docx 1/19/17
Suppress output depending on target format Reuben Thomas 1/19/17
pandoc install snafu Rich Morin 1/18/17
Discussion needed—How should pandoc handle when meatada in YAML collide with command line option Kolen Cheung 1/18/17
Include highlight.js in ebook Steven Van Impe 1/18/17
Assistance with pandoc-jats 1/17/17
Error running filter pandoc-citeproc (encountered object expected product) running 1/16/17
Sugesstions for dealing with malformed LaTeX documents automatically? Grady D 1/16/17
Pandoc html tables convert to tables in target format, sometime russurquhart1 1/16/17
Pandoc extras/contribs/paraphernalia (was Re: KOMA-script specific LaTeX template.) Václav Haisman 1/15/17
Building pandoc "ecosystems": package manger, "central gallery", "wikibook", etc.? Kolen Cheung 1/15/17
Happy 10th birthday pandoc! John MacFarlane 1/14/17
Include: Error in $: mempty Dom 1/14/17
Code highlighting for ODT writer. Gleb Popov 1/13/17
Index to Pandoc error codes Stephen Taylor 1/13/17
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