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RFC: Designing Logo of Pandoc Yuki Fujiwara 12:11 PM
pandoc logo Kolen Cheung 10:48 AM
[OT] rinohtype 0.3.0 - an alternative to LaTeX Brecht Machiels 12/8/16
Rewriting extensions in links candlerb 12/8/16
Math whitespace commands and docx output Thomas J. Duck 12/7/16
KOMA-script specific LaTeX template. Václav Haisman 12/7/16
Building pandoc "ecosystems": package manger, "central gallery", "wikibook", etc.? Kolen Cheung 12/7/16
Tufte CSS and pandoc Kolen Cheung 12/7/16
Re: Problem with pandoc-citeproc in latest version John MacFarlane 12/7/16
bug: docx (containing table) to native and docx to markdown then to native is hugely different Kolen Cheung 12/7/16
Discussion needed—How should pandoc handle when meatada in YAML collide with command line option Kolen Cheung 12/4/16
default column used in tables? Kolen Cheung 12/4/16
Creating just a biblio? John Muccigrosso 12/4/16
How do I get the simple \cite{} command with --biblatex flag? 12/4/16
Markdown, tables and CSV Martin Fenner 12/4/16
Change how reveal.js incremental lists are expressed in markdown? John Muccigrosso 12/3/16
(ePub) SVG cover-image not displayed with iBooks ousia 12/2/16
issues with lists in ePub (1/2) ousia 12/2/16
amsthm in pandoc? Kolen Cheung 12/2/16
panflute: a pythonic alternative to pandocfilters Sergio Correia 12/2/16
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