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Nested lists don't work right Paul J. Lucas 8/2/15
Where is the data directory on Mac OS X? Phil 7/31/15
Release road map - 1.14 and beyond John MacFarlane 7/30/15
Markdown authoring conventions: newline after each sentence? Gwern Branwen 7/30/15
Error during intalling pandoc via cabal vidhya vaishu 7/30/15
Bug in authorless citations when using pandoc and apa.csl Joseph 7/29/15
How to handle conversations/dialogues in a novel in Markdown? Honza Pokorny 7/29/15
URL escaping BPJ 7/29/15
RTL problem, align to the left instead of the right oub 7/28/15
convert to epub in hebrew oub 7/28/15
Insert a space between footnote ref and footnote text in docx output Kit Lloyd 7/27/15
Table: Overview for Pandoc + Markdown Extensions 7/27/15
docx to markdown - how to set table format Jo Cha 7/27/15
Filter for linguex.sty examples with LaTeX Thomas Hodgson 7/26/15
Pauses in slides (. . .) Matthias Hüning 7/26/15
Multiple LaTeX files input in a template Christopher 7/26/15
What does it take to have hyperlink to header in ToC from org-mode markdown to html? Yu Shen 7/24/15
Possible pandoc markdown->docbook bug Danilo Cesar Lemes de Paula 7/24/15
capitalizing emphasized text in plain text output? Luis Villa 7/24/15
Simple format changes Christopher Brown 7/23/15
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