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docx (Word) reader and multi-paragraph fields 3:58 PM
converting DOCX to EPUB via Word Save As Web Page 12:46 PM
Setting the copyright information in the meta-data 12:28 PM
pandoc for ios 刘汤臣 5/21/18
Word-EPUB conversion: figure caption problems 5/21/18
epub to latex/pdf results in "Package graphics Error: Division by 0" Paul 5/20/18
Convert from odt file with zotero references to markdown Carlos Cámara 5/20/18
someone who manages Spanish and can explain me pandoc-types/renders/writers nasciiboy 5/19/18
Using libreoffice for pdf output? David Griswold 5/17/18
Problem by building latest pull Cesar 5/16/18
Converting .md to .tex (inserts \hypertarget) 5/16/18
Inline Data URIs? Rob Muhlestein 5/15/18
How to make Microsoft Word documents generated by pandoc use XITS font in equations ? J 5/14/18
Clean up a wiki page Francesco Occhipinti 5/14/18
converting Word doc to Slimwiki on a Mac Sri G 5/14/18
javascript porting? 5/13/18
Re: iBooks considers EPUB corrupt if special characters in title John MacFarlane 5/12/18
iBooks considers EPUB corrupt if special character in title 5/12/18
ANN: pandoc 2.2.1 John MacFarlane 5/11/18
image with caption, reference and link tolot27 5/11/18
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