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Docx to org-mode, headline problems. Nikolai Stenfors 6:20 PM
Preserve source formatting for Math Mike Ward 1:19 PM
installing 1.16 dev version - simple instructions John MacFarlane 11:39 AM
siunitx package support in pandoc (filter for \num \numlist \numrange \si and \SI? Rainer M Krug 4:31 AM
support arguments on filters Aaron O'leary 1:51 AM
Conversion tex to docx - endfloat package? Rainer M Krug 11/27/15
Docx extract media as original filenames Róbert Nagy 11/26/15
Latex Tables Linewrapping 11/25/15
ANN: pandoc 1.15.2 John MacFarlane 11/23/15
Adding reST directives to Markdown Sean Tan 11/23/15
References error with pandoc 1.15.2 context output Michael Green 11/23/15
Why not xcolor instead of color? BP Jonsson 11/21/15
Re: Pandoc docx to HTML include height and width on <img> tag John MacFarlane 11/21/15
Problems with the ConTeXt template in Pandoc 1.15.2 Rik Kabel 11/20/15
additional formatting in SRC block Sam Halliday 11/20/15
Problem on latest pull Cesar 11/20/15
Plain text input Neil Youngman 11/19/15
disable percent encoding? Colin McLear 11/18/15
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