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pandoc transform between markdown and rst support Chinese character not well? iromise 9:28 AM
Compiling markdown to html not working with latex math accents Diego Quintana 10/19/17
Does $DATADIR work? BillS 10/19/17
wikipedia References (in mediawiki markdown) is not rendered correctly Federer Fanatic 10/18/17
Markdown to markdown pre-filtering for equation numbers loses YAML meta block chandra 10/17/17
Processing the wedge ∧ in mediawiki is unviewable in pdf output using xelatex... Federer Fanatic 10/17/17
Formatting to Markdown inserts space indentation in list items 10/17/17
Firewall prevents pandoc from grabbing page, see pdf attachment (Block ID) - Unknown ID Federer Fanatic 10/17/17
Modification of value taken on by template variable for MathJax chandra 10/16/17
Support for Gitlab Flavored Markdown Ognyan Moore 10/16/17
German quotes and inline styles Guillermo Rodriguez Garcia 10/16/17
Pandoc - gitlab - authentication token Rajko Albrecht 10/15/17
change line spacing in table without affecting header/footer layout (MD -> PDF) Salim B 10/15/17
Using soul with Pandoc to highlight inline code spans Salim B 10/15/17
Row coloring too wide in longtable (Pandoc MD -> PDF) Salim B 10/15/17
How to suppress title attribute in a CommonMark image link? Jennifer Bryan 10/13/17
GitHub issues: rename "beginner-friendly" label to "good first issue" mb21 10/13/17
Markdown to PDF - Headers and Footers Dylan Bartlett 10/12/17
Specifying Raw Block Elements Saivan Hamama 10/12/17
Problem with "a.k.a." abbreviation in citeproc titles Joseph 10/12/17
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