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I want to create doc files in pandoc. Which input type has the best conversion? Justme 8:50 AM
Convert from docx to markdown but with pipe_tables Rusty 8:47 AM
Dokuwiki output and title blocks mfk 7/28/16
Pandoc build error BP Jonsson 7/27/16
Is Pandoc template file using YAML? How to customize it? Zongren Zhang 7/26/16
Number non empty lines Alberto Simoes 7/23/16
Specifying multiline yaml field in opendocument template Darek Bobak 7/23/16
HTML to MD: table conversion problem (empty <tr></tr>) Ivan 7/20/16
pandoc error: Unknown reader: asciidoc Michael 7/19/16
ANN: pandoc 1.17.2 John MacFarlane 7/17/16
Directory of HTML files to reST Nick O 7/15/16
Image attributes being passed directly to output Alberto Simoes 7/15/16
Latex to Docx with EndNote traveling references Kai Zhang 7/14/16
Pandoc and LaTeX (LuaLaTeX) after broken after El Capitan upgrade Adam Wood 7/14/16
Feature Request: Convert from *.url files Joël de Bruijn 7/14/16
Indexing again Bruce Eckel 7/13/16
ODT to Markdown conversion 7/12/16
Numbering of footnotes when merging chapters James Abbott 7/10/16
Change bullet points to text? Chris Chandler 7/9/16
Feature Request: Suppress epub titlepage commandline option mark5009 7/8/16
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