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markdown math equation not rendered correctly when I convert markdown file to pdf jd h 2:26 AM
CSL - Roman numbers Guido Milanese 12:18 AM
Image attribution in beamer John Muccigrosso 12/17/17
latex autocites prenotes to doc Sean Winslow 12/17/17
latex to odt insert linebreak after personnal command pierrO Lelou 12/17/17
How do I iterate over TOC child elements? Eric Ma 12/16/17
Problem with markdown multiline tables and multiple lines in first column. Robert Zenz 12/15/17
LaTeX to PDF doesn't retain custom format Steven Wareham 12/14/17
Newbie mistake re pipe tables? Mark Chalkley 12/14/17
Lua Filter: I can't create link text 12/14/17
Beamer section numbers 12/13/17
Numbered example lists in Pandoc 2 Bernhard Fisseni 12/13/17
Pipe tables and line wrapping John Muccigrosso 12/13/17
Modifying the revealjs template to change the MathJax font using a local repo chandra 12/13/17
vertical align beamer columns Keith Walbolt 12/13/17
Exporting beamer presentation on different computers Marc Sauer 12/13/17
ANN: pandoc 2.0.5 John MacFarlane 12/13/17
mmd_link_attributes not working Ben Watson 12/12/17
RFC: Designing Logo of Pandoc Yuki Fujiwara 12/12/17
Does pandoc.exe has mono support? subitha sudhakaran 12/12/17
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