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timer-create function not implemented in Windows for Ubuntu Fred Zimmerman 2:05 PM
Re-open #2889? Or create a new bug? 11:00 AM
Support output to MAML (Sandcastle Tools) ehkl 1:09 AM
Endnotes Scot Mcphee 5/1/16
Papersize setting not reflected in PDF Properties chandra 4/29/16
Insistent format converting from MarkDown to OpenDocument JDani Jiménez 4/29/16
How to write a markdown source that is dual compatible with pandoc-citeproc and biblatex? Kolen Cheung 4/29/16
pandoc-latex-tip filter Christophe Demko 4/29/16
Multiline table adds line breaks in pdf output Leonardo Saravia 4/29/16
Automating markdown to odt with fields JDani Jiménez 4/29/16
Converting HTML with break tags to Markdown leaves slashes in the output -- ? Paul Potts 4/28/16
html table to markdown-github table bug/enhancement Kelvin Price 4/27/16
panflute: a pythonic alternative to pandocfilters Sergio Correia 4/27/16
Horizontal rule immediately after text John Muccigrosso 4/26/16
Help! Why doesn't pandoc render notes any more? Joseph 4/26/16
This group "pandoc-discuss" deserve a better spot? Kolen Cheung 4/26/16
Wrong date in <> Kolen Cheung 4/25/16
pandoc github wiki: merging extras and filters? Kolen Cheung 4/25/16
YAML block to carry LaTeX font details -- how do I preserve '{' and ‘}‘ ? 4/23/16
`\includepdf{...}` raw LaTeX massively scaled down in PDF output by adding `![](image)` to Markdown 4/21/16
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