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Filter for creating headers from filenames Will 9:44 AM
Bibliography only from pandoc-citeproc as alternative to Bibbase Guy Marcus 6/24/17
What is recommended way to generate three-line table? jiewuza 6/23/17
Markdown in LaTeX blocks? Yihui Xie 6/23/17
Docbook5 to Docx, maintaining more styles Steve Wiseman 6/22/17
adding new syntax highlighting xml in pandoc- Jeremy Theler 6/22/17
how to get a Hebrew markdown converted correctly to pdf? Gilco333 6/21/17
Pandoc, XeLaTex, and Hebrew Characters Alan Storm 6/21/17
Pandoc citeproc cannot parse my bibtex file. Why? Jacob Hasselbalch 6/20/17
Not able to covert rst to Docx Anand Bajpai 6/19/17
Can pandoc interpret content of latex environments? 6/18/17
Has the Pandoc option --normalize been removed James AUSTIN 6/16/17
iamge attribute for "scale" parameter with latex target. vare vare 6/16/17
cmdPost - a Windows command line blogging client for John O'Regan 6/15/17
Converting from Word to Latex Mirjalol Norqulov 6/14/17
Scripting help, or how to set bullet list style for .docx formatting Daniel Shunfenthal 6/13/17
Markdown Backtick-code block within list interpreted to math Hendrik Bäcker 6/13/17
How to get a page break (/f) from Markdown -> docx? Ken Kleinman 6/13/17
LaTeX and citation inside a footnote Lyndon Drake 6/11/17
Going round in circles with latex output Lyndon Drake 6/11/17
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