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Per-machine (ALLUSER=1) silent install not working Teknowledgist 6/27/16
! Missing \endgroup inserted when converting md to pdf J Parker 6/27/16
Latex to Docx - citation difficulties Steven Sanche 6/27/16
Can someone add a TOC to the Pandoc user's guide? CR 6/26/16
Error: Cannot decode byte \x96... CR 6/26/16
I want to create doc files in pandoc. Which input type has the best conversion? Justme 6/25/16
conversion to org fails UTF8 problem oub 6/25/16
Switch Line Ending (Dos v. Unix) Eric Hiller 6/25/16
Non-exported header Colin McLear 6/25/16
Integration with Drupal Justme 6/23/16
Reducing blank space between title and body text when author and date fields are missing chandra 6/23/16
Greek letter lost when converting to docx/odt/html Dmitry Nikolaev 6/22/16
org-mode to markdown: unexpected results Martin Magnusson 6/22/16
Insert filename Phil Cuddy 6/21/16
MediaWiki discussion about Markdown (and Pandoc) Rob Lanphier 6/21/16
Pandoc doesn't produce EPUB compatible XHTML with the -t html switch CR 6/21/16
Can pandoc look at Markdown image file type and produce an error? CR 6/21/16
String templates Joan Josep Ordinas Rosa 6/21/16
[beamer] `.allowframebreaks` does not work for long code blocks 6/20/16
figure and figure no reference problem after pandoc upgrade Alper Yilmaz 6/19/16
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