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pandoc-citeproc error, "stdin" (line 4902, column 3) Alex Palecek 9/26/16
double entry in toc when creating epub Jan Ulrich Hasecke 9/26/16
Request for Comments: Diffing Pandoc documents Albert Krewinkel 9/26/16
Limiting Memory Usage? Daniel Molloy 9/26/16
Language not set when converting MD to ODT Jürgen Schulze 9/25/16
Language setting generates error when converting MD to PDF Jürgen Schulze 9/25/16
Installing pandoc-citeproc ant 9/25/16
Rendering equations as raster images in HTML Anton Shepelev 9/25/16
Escape error with # [a char]^[a char] Roberto 9/23/16
Parsing the Header and Footer of docx Cam Roots 9/23/16
Scripting with Haskell to achieve a filter for acronyms in pandoc Luis Fernado Silva Castro de Araújo 9/23/16
internal links broken with commit "use goto for internal links" in ConTeXt writer James Marca 9/23/16
Recursive pandoc parse within filter? Amy 9/22/16
Embedded TeX kills following space Mario Valle 9/21/16
--self-contained data-attributes for reveal.js Christoph Pfeiffer 9/20/16
HTML to docx - error "cannot decode byte '\x92' CindyF 9/20/16
Inline code with syntax coloring by default? Conal 9/19/16
Output vanishes wheen writerStandalone = True Conal 9/18/16
Programming language highlighting Michel Charpentier 9/18/16
docx->markdowm img tag Goncharov Maxim 9/16/16
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