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variable layout grid table ("advanced grid table syntax") 6:25 PM
Parsing entities in org input Axel Kielhorn 8/18/17
Syntax highlighting using Prism.js in epub docs Carlos Araya 8/17/17
Docbook5 to Docx, maintaining more styles Steve Wiseman 8/15/17
Using package 'float' for extension 'implicit_figures' when producing pdf Georg Felbinger 8/14/17
Escaping (was: Re: Missing bibliography) BP 8/11/17
Reference links to numbered headers of not work in converted formats CesarJ M 8/11/17
RFC: Designing Logo of Pandoc Yuki Fujiwara 8/11/17
Missing biblio Robert Goulding 8/10/17
Latex command in header inclusion munged with \textbackslash{} David Nebauer 8/10/17
Create new Pandoc RST directives Byteme95 8/7/17
Pandoc support for implicit fenced code blocks in source files Sam Liddicott 8/7/17
Context template: definefontfeature causes error David Nebauer 8/7/17
[Feature Request] Filter with arguments Kolen Cheung 8/6/17
Why cmark is written in C? Kolen Cheung 8/6/17
Writing custom filter in python to remove non-breaking spaces Karim Mohammadi 8/5/17
Prelude.!!: negative index creating reStructuredText Greg Bullock 8/3/17
Re: Prelude.!!: negative index John MacFarlane 8/3/17
Pandoc markdown support for ASCII drawings as SVG using GOAT or ASCIITOSVG ? Sam Liddicott 8/3/17
HTML to Markdown and >/< entities Benjamin Ullrich 8/1/17
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