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Biblatex: autocite Guido Milanese 2:34 PM
How to programmatically enforcing a pandoc markdown style Kolen Cheung 1:54 PM
Simple math mode Michel Charpentier 1:50 PM
figure id Michel Charpentier 2:04 AM
How to ceate new chapter in epub output from markdown without using headers? Caleb Johnson 1:51 AM
out of memory error when converting md to plain and epub Jürgen Schulze 1:45 AM
bug in --slide-level ? Simon Michael 10/21/16
including pandoc parameters in a document's YAML Joseph 10/20/16
Is it possible to carry comments through to LaTeX output? 10/19/16
Markdown inside LaTeX code 10/19/16
Script to convert all tex-files in a directory into html/epub/md Kai Nonnenmacher 10/19/16
Table formatting in PDF Martin Kremer 10/19/16
Not enough Pandoc people registered for the Wikimedia Developer Summit Rob Lanphier 10/18/16
Biblatex: addbibresource Guido Milanese 10/17/16
Raw ODF/OOXML (ODT/docx writer) BP Jonsson 10/17/16
Building pandoc "ecosystems": package manger, "central gallery", "wikibook", etc.? Kolen Cheung 10/16/16
which markup for slide presentations Saša Janiška 10/16/16
Understanding lack of tolerance of Pandoc Paulo Ney de Souza 10/16/16
html-only word Alberto Simoes 10/13/16
pandoc filter package format Jakob Voss 10/13/16
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