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Packrat fetching fails for local sources mehrnoush malek 6/24/16
packrat with binary packages only Vincent Nijs 6/21/16
packrat_0.4.7-12, Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS, could not fetch archived packages from local repository Saptarshi Pyne 6/9/16
Rstudio does not install required build tools when I try to initiate a packrat r project. Yimeng Yin 5/27/16
Installing Packrat into arbitrary folders Aurélien Mazurie 5/25/16
Upgrading R version in existing packrat project Adiel Loinger 5/18/16
init() fails - can I ignore a package? Miri H 5/18/16
auto.snapshot Simon Bond 4/14/16
No Description file at path Joseph Flanagan 3/14/16
Re: Deploying with Packrat Kevin Ushey 3/10/16
Confused about packrat/src Joseph Flanagan 3/10/16
Another problem? Joseph Flanagan 3/10/16
Specify R version with specific packrat projects Emma Jones 3/8/16
Using a local repo that is not available on target machine Paul Teehan 1/27/16
Running packrat::on() twice creates recursive links in lib-R Ariel Schwartz 1/14/16
Using Packrat for collaboration under svn mehrnoush malek 12/21/15
Packrat with nloptr on a machine with no internet connection or admin access Josh Whitney 11/19/15
Feature request: ability to turn off automatic dependency search Benjamin Birnbaum 11/17/15
Error during package deployment Sharang Bhat 11/3/15
how to ensure R run in subdirectories uses packrat library Matthew Stephens 10/29/15
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