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install_local configuration parameters Fong Chun Chan 10/2/15
Rstudio | "use packrat with this project" not shown Nicole Janz 9/14/15
What does it mean when a package is stale? Jacqueline Buros Novik 9/11/15
Rscript and Packrat 9/10/15
Updating Packages Within a Packrat Project Jeff Bruce 9/10/15
Noticed this problem when determining package dependencies Jacqueline Buros Novik 9/10/15
packrat::restore not restoring dplyr Jonathan 8/19/15
Any ideas on how to get a Shiny App to use Packrat? Andrew Stewart 8/19/15
packrat / .Rprofile issue when deploying to shiny app Aurum Viae 8/15/15
starting a packrat project from outside the project directory Murat Tasan 8/7/15
Make packrat more modular Holger Hoefling 8/7/15
Packrat does not fetch Bioconductor sources Aliaksei Holik 8/7/15
Is it possible to use packrat with git repository? Iain Wallace 7/31/15
Rebuilding packages after an os x upgrade Yasmin Lucero 6/11/15
Adding packrat to existing shiny folder sharon ravindran 6/10/15
packrat:init() and snapshot() errors with custom packages Brinda A. Thomas 6/9/15
Question: Sharing packrat bundle to 2nd user with same OS and R, Rtools necessary? Instantkaffee 6/6/15
Packrat cannot install BH 1.55.0-3 through RStudio Simeon Simeonov 6/6/15
Source package calling Fortran in Packrat Foster Ting 6/4/15
Avoid re-installing packages that have been installed Yihui Xie 5/29/15
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