The packetdrill mailing list is for questions, discussions and patches
related to packetdrill.

The packetdrill scripting tool enables quick, precise tests for entire
TCP/UDP/IPv4/IPv6 network stacks, from the system call layer down to
the NIC hardware. packetdrill currently works on Linux, FreeBSD,
OpenBSD, and NetBSD. It can test network stack behavior over physical
NICs on a LAN, or on a single machine using a tun virtual network

The code is licensed under version 2 of the GPL, and available in a
git repository at:

The USENIX 2013 paper describing the tool and our team's experiences
using it may be found here:

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details about inserting and sniffing packet by Packdril Wei Sun 4/15/14
packetdrill usage documentation 3/3/14
[PATCH] Additional ICMPv4 support (parsing, string generation) 1/11/14
Re: Patch fixing a FreeBSD specific crash Neal Cardwell 12/30/13
[PATCH 1/2] net-test: Adds --disable_gso option to packetdrill Matthieu Baerts 12/23/13
packetdrill support for encapsulation: GRE, MPLS, IPIP Neal Cardwell 11/30/13
Getting error when running packetdrill in local mode - TUNSETOFFLOAD: Invalid argument Sonia Gupta 11/27/13
Compile error - Packet-drill initial make Sudharshan 11/26/13
[PATCH] packetdrill: fix "running" paths in README 11/18/13
packetdrill now builds on FreeBSD 10.0 beta 3 Neal Cardwell 11/15/13
[PATCH 1/2] FreeBSD 10.x has fmemopen in libc, so check __FreeBSD_version and set defines appropriately. Murray Stokely 11/15/13
[PATCH] free tcp_options buffer after use 11/11/13
packetdrill article in October USENIX ;login: Neal Cardwell 11/8/13
runtime error in bind call Jin Wang 10/9/13
Initial batch of packetdrill tests Barath Raghavan 10/9/13
Issues running packetdrill test Zuhair Parvez 10/2/13
versioned tarball release Lars Eggert 9/1/13
How to use multiple interfaces with packetdrill? Arnaud Schils 8/2/13
[PATCH ] examples: Fix ack number injected at the end Vijay Subramanian 7/4/13
packetdrill source code and USENIX paper Neal Cardwell 7/4/13
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