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Thoughts for OWASP Chapters John Steven 5/9/13
Attacking Kubernetes - Lightning talk by Dino Dai Zovi Rob Fuller 3/24/17
Do you have a rich text editor in your website? Check it for attribute-based XSS. G. S. McNamara 9/26/14
Wiki Maintainer Jack Mannino 7/16/14
February Meeting Slides - Building a Security Initiative jOHN Steven 2/12/14
Chapter Skillset Poll Jack Mannino 1/14/14
Upcoming OWASP Meetups Jack Mannino 12/22/13
OWASP NoVa November Meetup Jack Mannino 11/1/13
Re: OWASP-NoVA Digest for owasp...@googlegroups.com - 1 Message in 1 Topic Jeff LoSapio 10/15/13
November's Meeting Jack Mannino 10/14/13
This Week's OWASP NoVa Meetup Jack Mannino 10/6/13
OWASP NoVa Tonight's Meeting = Cancelled Jack Mannino 9/13/13
Tonight's Speaker Cancelled Jack Mannino 9/12/13
Next Chapter Meeting? Joe Klimkowski 8/13/13
July Social Jack Mannino 7/9/13
Bernstein Talk on Cryptography Failures Jeffrey Walton 7/2/13
Fwd: [Owasp-leaders] OWASP Membership Drive ends June 10, 2013 Jack Mannino 6/7/13
Railsgoat cktricky 6/4/13
Closing June RSVP Soon Jack Mannino 6/3/13
Manico's Slides from Presentation? Jeffrey Walton 5/23/13
Password Storage - Practical Exam jOHN Steven 5/23/13
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