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Custom CssSchema & Properties John Wynne 4/9/18
How to allow url protocol for a specific tag alone. Praveen kumar 3/6/18
Wiki Documentation broken links Brent Crammond 3/5/18
additional tags are removed along with half open vulnarable tags <IMG SRC="javascript:alert('XSS') Rasmita Mahapatra 2/19/18
Recommend upgrade to 20180219.1: addresses iOS/MacOS "text bomb" Mike Samuel 2/19/18
Sanitizer is stripping the href if the URL is tailed with white space when the url protocol is ftp Rasmita Mahapatra 2/18/18
Sanitize the HTML in JSON input ashish...@gmail.com 1/29/18
How to add new font-families? -- Issue #70 Marcelo 1/26/18
href is removed from <a> tag it it contains new line character Rasmita Mahapatra 1/11/18
sanitizer is adding empty comment block given double curly braces... Paulo Avelar 12/19/17
Can OWASP sanitize JSP requests as well ? nehame...@gmail.com 12/14/17
CSS Styling doesn't recognize style attribue jason...@gmail.com 12/11/17
embedded CSS and inline styles are removed after sanitization Rasmita Mahapatra 12/6/17
Nested HTML is not sanitized - <<img=""/>img src=1 onerror=alert('XSS');> Vicente Villegas Larios 11/8/17
link query string escaped corrupting the link Kostas kougios 11/2/17
LI & UL tags not working -- Issue#128 Sandeep M 10/23/17
Content in tags are shown encoded Salman Khan 7/3/17
Does OWASP can parse entire HTML page and run all it's JavaScript Ekaterina Ivanova 5/23/17
Logic in case of overlapping/conflicting allowAttributes Andrea 5/23/17
img src is being html encoded after a custom policy sets its value Alexandre Russel 4/3/17
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