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Allowing text within <audio> tags wynn...@gmail.com 12/12/16
Custom Policies & Sanitization - odd behavior wynn...@gmail.com 12/12/16
menu and menuitem order getting disrupted wynn...@gmail.com 12/6/16
OWASP HTML Sanitizer cleans comments Володимир Ригель 12/2/16
Allowed protocols on xml:base and xlink:href wynn...@gmail.com 11/22/16
Using multiple matching(Pattern) calls to allow more than one regex when making rules for the same attribute on the same element wynn...@gmail.com 10/6/16
body/html gets prematurely closed after misplaced title tag Klaas Berger 9/30/16
Trouble with xwiki syntax Khemais Menzli 9/21/16
Is the PolicyFactory returned by HtmlPolicyBuilder.toFactory() thread-safe? Matthew Passell 9/19/16
Allow element nested inside specific element ma...@pharmgkb.org 8/29/16
Nested <ul> elements Don Kneller 8/25/16
Configuring HtmlPolicyBuilder to remove text contained between disallowed HTML tags Henry Reed 8/23/16
How to avoid encoding of special chars? sk...@clearslide.com 8/22/16
Allow attributes "data-*" or "aria-*" jakalte...@gmail.com 8/18/16
Problems with embedded images Johann Pepelner 7/8/16
Binary encoded images? gsilver0 7/6/16
how to avoid commentary tags sanitizing? Vladimir 6/27/16
Example simple app for bug bounty - to start johanna curiel curiel 6/24/16
Content in tags are shown encoded Salman Khan 6/4/16
URLs in href gets encoded Salman Khan 6/2/16
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