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Error trying to collect DHCP logs from a windows server. ce...@castraconsulting.com 8:26 PM
local_rules matching against Docker aufs directories Tom Farrar 9/20/17
Error "bad file descriptor" when trying to collect DHCP logs from a windows server ce...@castraconsulting.com 9/19/17
Rootcheck rules and ossec-agentd permissions Tobias Margiani 9/19/17
image based windows systems krauswe...@gmail.com 9/18/17
How to collect only syscheck and rootcheck logs vikas 9/15/17
Alert in alerts.log but no text in email Ed Killian 9/12/17
agent.conf update confusion Leroy Tennison 9/12/17
OSSEC 2.8.3, Server doesnot trigger email alerts for agent Tirumala Raja Siriki 9/11/17
OSSEC 2.9.2 Slack integration integrity check alert no hostname Fredrik Hilmersson 9/11/17
Ubuntu Xenial APT installation fails (wrong version requested) D. Scott Miller 9/9/17
accept license automatically Jeff Dyke 9/6/17
How to research "Host-based anomaly detection event (rootcheck)." Johnny InfoSec 9/1/17
OSSEC v2.9.2 and Analogi - Database have incorrect schema Christopher Cutajar 9/1/17
Testing OSSEC Jiri 8/31/17
duplicate rules error - v.2.9.1 Up 8/29/17
ERROR: Unable to Bind port '1514' Carlos Islas 8/28/17
ossec-keepalive Leroy Tennison 8/28/17
OSSEC regular expression example for agent.conf Leroy Tennison 8/28/17
OSSEC Agent messages mixing up.. sri...@opsveda.com 8/25/17
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