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ossec-logcollector - [(9)-(Bad file descriptor)]. Cant get my ossec agent to monitor my logs. Patrik Lindh 4/20/18
Ignore path Carlos Islas 4/19/18
promiscuous mode frequency Chinmay Pandya 4/19/18
syscheck error Cooper 4/16/18
ossec HIDS 2.9.0 missing "Object Type" field for event it 5140 Ian Brown 4/16/18
Connected then waiting for server reply quentin mallet 4/12/18
how to get an alert. the user, whom modified a file dee...@information-secure.com 4/12/18
Common directories to scan Carlos Islas 4/11/18
Directories to check and ignore directories Carlos Islas 4/11/18
Duplicate rule error Cooper 4/6/18
Is a local_decoder.xml needed for USB detection ? Neeraj Shah 4/5/18
agent_control all agents Jacob Mcgrath 4/4/18
Windows 10 Enterprise Ossec agent Jacob Mcgrath 4/3/18
Rootcheck rule for windows - mistake in rule or problem with 64bit system? Daniel Bode 4/3/18
agent conf MacOS configuration Abdulvehhab Agin 3/30/18
Windows agent.conf not found & syncing issues Neeraj Shah 3/29/18
Discrepancy in instructions related to location of agent.conf Neeraj Shah 3/29/18
Re: [ossec-list] New install: Windows agent.conf doesn't get auto created dan (ddpbsd) 3/29/18
Re: [ossec-list] New 2.9.3 install: Windows shared/agent.conf file not created & syncing dan (ddpbsd) 3/29/18
Rule or Decoder specific host/ip handea...@gmail.com 3/28/18
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