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Merge EventChannel fix into 2.8? DefensiveDepth 5:16 PM
OSSEC virtual appliance (Kibana) -- no results found theresa mic-snare 12:20 PM
Windows time changes Alert moe hans 11:15 AM
Docker Containers Fisher, Adam J 10:29 AM
log parsing with perl Stefan Amyotte 7:13 AM
Ossec active response on agent Kévin Printz 4:35 AM
alert to monitor my system admins Farnsworth, Robert 10/7/15
Windows Event ID 4625 Luke Goldman 10/7/15
Regex-Rule Question Paul 10/7/15
(possible) webserver attack theresa mic-snare 10/6/15
Linux auditd support Daniil Svetlov 10/6/15
agentless configuration schedule question Ben 10/6/15
Overriding <ignore> directory for certain logs in same directory Jamey B 10/6/15
Learning OSSEC namobud...@gmail.com 10/6/15
OSSEC and CLAM AV - do I need it? Paul Targett 10/6/15
Monitor Windows Services Shutdown Daniel Baker 10/5/15
logs with datestamps in filenames theresa mic-snare 10/5/15
ossec-authd and ossec server restart Kévin Printz 10/5/15
Active response <expect>srcip</expect> changes whether response is executed Glen Leeder 10/2/15
File names Adam Fisher 10/2/15
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