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Update Wazuh with standard Ossec files Alejandro M 1/20/17
Maxiumum Number of Agents Allowed PJG 1/20/17
System Integrity Check questions Nikki S 1/20/17
Profiles and agents Slobodan Aleksić 1/20/17
Date format in alerts.log (and alerts.json) Marianne Härdh 1/19/17
Generating alerts based on events outside a specific time slot 1kn0 1/19/17
local_decoder.xml -- can't override (ignore) parent decoder Daniel B. 1/19/17
Disconnected Agents Sean Roe 1/17/17
OSSEC.conf vs Agent.conf -- System Integrity check Nikki S 1/16/17
ossec-analysisd won't start, "could not create directory" Joel 1/13/17
syslog facility when sending to remote syslog server? Joel 1/13/17
OSSEC agent limit modification after server install Nikki S 1/12/17
ossec logs redirect to local syslog Ali 1/11/17
Ossec 2.8.3 problems with ossec-maild Rimvydas 1/10/17
Alert ID not present JSON logs, feature request? Adam Tworkowski 1/9/17
ossec-dbd keeps disconnecting Sean Roe 1/9/17
OSSEC watching SQL Mike Hammett 1/8/17
Issues with Multi-server architecture Lisa Li 1/5/17
Wazuh OSSEC Rules namobud...@gmail.com 12/29/16
syscheck can take months to report new or changed files Sunny Day 12/28/16
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