Greetings potential Linux kernel interns!  Please read this *entire* email, even if you have applied in the past, as some things have changed for this OPW application round.

What is OPW?

The next application round for the FOSS Outreach Program for Women (OPW) internships starts September 12.  OPW interns are paid $5,500 to work on a full-time internship with an open source mentor from December 9, 2014 to March 9, 2014.  Interns are also granted a $500 travel stipend to go to any conference approved by their mentor that relates to their project.

Who can apply?

To qualify to apply for OPW, you must meet the following requirements:

What OPW projects can you apply to?

There will be several different open source projects participating in this round of OPW, and the full list will be officially announced on September 12, 2014.


It's no secret that the Linux kernel project is participating again, since we already have three new mentors listed on our wiki, and more mentors will be announced soon.


How do I apply to the Linux kernel project?

The application process for the Linux kernel project is outlined here:


Basically, applicants will need to walk through our tutorial for creating their first Linux kernel patch:


Applicants should also join the #opw IRC channel on irc.gnome.org, and the #kernel-opw channel on irc.oftc.net.  If you're having trouble with IRC, please ask for help on this mailing list.

One change from the last OPW round is that we are encouraging applicants (once they have completed a number of Staging driver cleanup patches) to complete some small tasks outlined by the mentors.  The task lists for each mentor are linked from the OPWIntro page.

*Before* you start on a task, please claim that task through this page:


Another change is that we added a tips section at the end of the tutorial to outline what behaviors we look for in potential OPW interns. I hope this will give more insight into our selection process.


We've also noticed that applicants (and even accepted interns!) aren't consistently using the email communication style preferred by the Linux kernel community.  This style can be as important as coding style to many community members, so please review the email style guidelines and attempt to follow them:


When can I apply?

The application period for the Linux kernel project during OPW Round 9 is September 12 to October 31.

Most OPW organizations have an application deadline of October 22, however, the Linux kernel application period will be put on temporary hold from October 10 to October 20. Most kernel mentors will be attending conferences (LinuxCon Europe, Linux Plumbers Conf, and Embedded Linux Conference Europe) during that time.

During the hold period, no new kernel application patches will be accepted or reviewed, and mentors may not be available on the IRC channel. Therefore, it is important to start sending patches early in the application period. We suggest that you tackle a medium-sized advanced project during that week, rather than preparing to send many small clean up patches after the hold period is finished.

Good luck with your application!  If you have any questions, mentors will be available via IRC or this mailing list.  Do not hesitate to ask questions if you get stuck in the tutorial.

Sarah Sharp
Linux Kernel OPW Coordinator

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