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Hey everyone! (new community manager) JJ Asghar 7/11/14
apache_module "passenger" Anton G. 7/7/14
Branch Master to Juno at Milestone 2 Mark Vanderwiel 7/7/14
HELP!! Chef bootstrap "ERROR: private key needed." Spencer Kotowick 7/4/14
Chef/OpenStack Weekly Status Meeting 6/23/2014 Matt Ray 6/26/14
Zheng You Zhou is out of the office. Eric Zhou 6/19/14
Chef/OpenStack Weekly Status Meeting 6/16/2014 Matt Ray 6/19/14
new blueprint to support user-define password Sam Su 6/17/14
Moving database *_python_packages attributes to -common Ionuț Arțăriși 6/17/14
Attributes for storing/transmitting passwords as an alternative to data bags Ionuț Arțăriși 6/16/14
override attribute in recipe loop tinytelly 6/15/14
Could not find rake-10.2.2 in any of the sources David Geng 6/5/14
Chef/OpenStack Weekly Status Meeting 6/2/2014 Matt Ray 6/2/14
Please HELP- Error Running openstack-identity::server for first time. Travis Hoang 6/2/14
rspec 30 minute build timeouts Mark Vanderwiel 5/30/14
New Cookbooks Matt Ray 5/29/14
Zheng You Zhou is out of the office. Eric Zhou 5/28/14
No Weekly Status Meeting today (5/26/2014) Matt Ray 5/26/14
openstack-telemetry dbsync error Huy Hoang Do 5/23/14
New cookbooks Matt Ray 5/20/14
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