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undefined method `log_level' for main:Object (NoMethodError) meInvent bbird 5/16/16
How to bootstrap a node without internet connectivity Prashant Shete 3/9/16
Chef cookbook CI Steven Wade 2/18/16
knife openstack server create Tic Toc 12/7/15
Error: Actor crashed diagor 11/9/15
removing chef steve bov 8/4/15
Does anybody provide me with links docs on how to Plan and deploy OpenStack computing clouds for dev Prince Paulson 5/28/15
[openstack-dev][chef] Openstack-Chef has officially moved to this mailing list JJ Asghar 4/27/15
DEPRICATED: Mailing list has been depreciated in favor for the Official Mailing List by OpenStack JJ Asghar 4/27/15
Opestack-Chef Status April 27, 2015 JJ Asghar 4/27/15
[openstack-dev][chef] Status Meeting April 20, 2015 JJ Asghar 4/20/15
[openstack-dev][chef] A new Core member! JJ Asghar 4/17/15
[openstack-dev][chef] Started the review to move from stackforge to openstack JJ Asghar 4/17/15
[ANN] OpenStack Collective Conference in Austin, TX Aug 13-14, 2015 j...@advancedcollective.com 4/15/15
Openstack-Chef Status Meeting Apr 13, 2015 JJ Asghar 4/13/15
Openstack-Chef Status Meeting, Apr 6 2015 JJ Asghar 4/6/15
Making OpenStack more delightful (or: managing OpenStack at scale) Samuel Cassiba 4/5/15
MongodB 3.0 Igors Paparemskis 4/2/15
windows directory share in Chef Rob Marlow 3/31/15
Multi-node Nova Soheil Eizadi 3/23/15
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