This is the main discussion group for those working with or interested in the OpenXC Platform, a platform for using vehicle data in applications. For more information, visit the project's website.

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IOS Thomas Cross 2/11/14
Possible Alternatives to Bluetooth Module RN41-I/RM Long Yao 5/5/15
Anyone able to create a Hello World app using Android Studio Gonzalo Espert 5/3/15
Trying to run unfiltered CAN messages in but not going as expected David B 4/22/15
Getting an odd delay in signals (~5 seconds) when using OpenXcEnablerActivity ver 6.0.3 David B 4/9/15
Has anyone gotten openXC to work with a GM vehicle? Rodney Fulk 3/31/15
How can we improve OpenXC's visibility, branding and marketing? Chris 3/31/15
Vehicle types supported Raghu Babu Varada 3/30/15
OpenXC Device not connecting to vehicle using bluetooth after flashing Bhakti Kadgadkai 3/11/15
vi-firmware install issue Gerry Y 2/27/15
How to add our own OpenXC Projects in Gopalakrishnan R. 2/27/15
Not getting data from Ford VI Bhakti Kadgadkai 2/24/15
Streaming and CAN Cayce Williams 2/14/15
Indian cars compatible to Ford VI Bhakti Kadgadkai 2/11/15
Question about contents. Rodney Fulk 2/6/15
How do I tx signals on the CAN bus? David B 2/4/15
Using CrossChasm C5 VI Britton Hammit 1/27/15
Simulator openXC Ahmed 1/26/15
Select a trace file for playback not working on v6.0.5 Gonzalo Espert 1/24/15
Issue when mapped from a DBC File: The bit number inversion setting is undefined for the mapping 'HS1_CAN.json', but it is database-backed - assuming inverted Carl Chen 1/21/15
Availability of VI based on ChipKit Wensheng Xie 1/20/15
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