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openSCADA is now mostly an Eclipse project!

To learn more about Eclipse NeoSCADA look at

The latest release of Eclipse NeoSCADA is 0.3 (+ openSCADA 1.4)

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OPC UA CptMauli 10/20/14
Error while building using mvn clean verify Nilesh Vora 7/27/16
Issue with "Creating a standalone application setup for the visual interface (VI)" Frank Z 7/27/16
Commercial Support Chris Schultz 7/20/16
NeoScada repos Nilesh Vora 7/19/16
A problem about "Registering a new view instance" Frank Z 7/18/16
build openscada from source david zargh 7/18/16
Getting Started - Eclipse Compilation Amit Patankar 7/18/16
Issue with repositoey Michal Dziczkowski 7/11/16
How to configure the ESCM file Frank Z 7/7/16
Utgard - Trying to implement OPC HDA Anderson Vasconcelos Pires 7/4/16
Updating Jcifs Plugin in Utgard Şahin Atam 6/29/16
openscada download? Egidijus Kubickas 6/10/16
Timeout During Connecting To Opc Server Şahin Atam 5/31/16
How correctly reconnect to OPC server (using AutoReconnectController) Dmitry Egorov 5/25/16
latest release? Rasmus Thystrup Karstensen 5/24/16
Async20Access. Failed to change state(true) on Ubuntu Илдус В 5/23/16
Failed to connect to OPC server Ming Tomorrow 5/16/16
OPC server domain issue Chen Zhuo 5/14/16
platform issue Chen Zhuo 5/12/16
The server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect Şahin Atam 5/11/16
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