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openSCADA is now mostly an Eclipse project!

To learn more about Eclipse NeoSCADA look at

The latest release of Eclipse NeoSCADA is 0.3 (+ openSCADA 1.4)

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OPC UA CptMauli 10/20/14
Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع sady assad 5/16/17
UtGard connection problem Jiří Haňka 4/7/17
0x80040112 error when connecting to RS Linx OEM Frederick R 4/2/17
A&E support? Andrew Ruthven 3/23/17
NeoSCADA and Unipi Egidijus Kubickas 1/13/17
OPC driver with NeoSCADA Ravi Subramanian 1/6/17
OPC DA server connection is failing 12/20/16
Threads are not shutdown upon calling server.disconnect() Vikram K 12/14/16
Timer threads running in Utgard implementation even after close has been called nandini nelson 12/13/16
Unable to build after making clone (from Github) of EPANET Hydraulic Simulator available on Gyancity Research Lab 12/8/16
How correctly reconnect to OPC server (using AutoReconnectController) Dmitry Egorov 11/18/16
Connectivity issue when reconnecting OPC server Manoj Santhakumaran 10/31/16
'Installing software' Eclipse mars has encountred a problem A. Corral 10/10/16
Event storage event injector Faouzi Chiheb 9/27/16
Documentation Faouzi Chiheb 9/26/16
Utgard License ? whiz 9/21/16
OPC device Faouzi Chiheb 9/20/16
Async20Access vs SyncAcess [Heavy load.] nandini nelson 9/19/16
Re: NullPointerException Faouzi Chiheb 9/16/16
Read multiple items every 15 seconds Arun Jose 8/22/16
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