Welcome to the openSCADA group!

openSCADA is now mostly an Eclipse project!

To learn more about Eclipse SCADA look at

The latest release of Eclipse SCADA is 0.2.1 (+ openSCADA 1.3/1.4)
The next release of Eclipse SCADA is 0.3 (+ openSCADA 1.4)

for both exist milestone builds, they can already be used. There should only be minor bugfixes/feature before the actual release.

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how we get item(TAG) Properties Jijo AC 11/24/15
EclipseSCADA REST API service is not running by default Adrian Hernandez-Mendez 11/24/15
how we get item(TAG) Properties Jijo AC 11/24/15
After "access.addItem(itemId, new DataCallback() {" nothing happen and no exception will be thrown Sascha Steiner 11/17/15
UTGARD how to write struct to opc item ? Aron Lau 11/4/15
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How to create IEC-104? Egidijus Kubickas 10/14/15
EclipseScada Egidijus Kubickas 10/12/15
Set the MasterServer logging level Flavio Longano 10/9/15
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