"OpenRules" is a popular open source Business Decision Management System. The product 
is in real-world production for many major corporations since 2004. It is supported from
You may download it with many examples and a very detailed documentation. You can send 
your questions and comments to or post them at this discussion group. 

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Running OpenRules as a Service Michael Ippolito 3/16/14
Does OpenRules facilitate Language Manipulation on Data ? LanguageManipulation 2/17/14
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parameter to java script event 9/4/13
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Persisting Answers and calculations in Database 7/12/13
DialogType3 project throwing up error 7/8/13
Converting SQL query rules to rules engine Mohan Radhakrishnan 6/29/13
OpenRules specifications nikola sokolov 6/13/13
java.lang.RuntimeException: Failure processing <Dialog.xls> Maruthi G 5/31/13
ResultSet from a Complex MS SQL Query.. Maruthi G 5/22/13 .\webapps\MyForms\rules\main\HelloWeb.xls Maruthi G 5/18/13
Webservices - FileNotFoundException: .\webapps\HelloWS\rules\main\HelloWS.xls Krishna Moorthy 4/25/13
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