A gathering place for the Open Rail Data community

The openraildata-talk forum is a meeting place for anyone who is working with, or interested in working with, data about the railway in Great Britain.

The group offers unofficial, community-based support and troubleshooting assistance for using the real-time feeds from Network Rail (http://datafeeds.networkrail.co.uk/) and National Rail Enquiries (http://datafeeds.nationalrail.co.uk/).

There are a number of experienced members of the group who are happy to help and point you in the right direction.

If you haven't joined the group, the first message you send may be moderated.  This requires manual intervention but usually only takes a few minutes or hours.

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A list of all RIDs for a given day James Holyhead 6/1/17
National Rail Data portal updated on NRE Website NRE RDG 5/31/17
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NRDP Restart (22/05/2017) Luke Whiteley 5/22/17
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Push xml data in regards to train delay times trai...@gmail.com 5/20/17
Should I use FTP data in addition to feed? Duncan Jones 5/20/17
Incremental SCHEDULE files from last two weeks Adrian H 5/20/17
I feel very bad about no support from NR to help access data feeds . rohit dobariya 5/19/17
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