A gathering place for the Open Rail Data community

The openraildata-talk forum is a meeting place for anyone who is working with, or interested in working with, data about the railway in Great Britain.

The group offers unofficial, community-based support and troubleshooting assistance for using the real-time feeds from Network Rail (http://datafeeds.networkrail.co.uk/) and National Rail Enquiries (http://datafeeds.nationalrail.co.uk/).

There are a number of experienced members of the group who are happy to help and point you in the right direction.

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Train Termination Andrew Powell 11/12/15
Train Planning Data Lat and Long Andrew Powell 11/12/15
Camel Failover Support for bridged topics Jacob Cartledge 11/11/15
Network Rail Open Data Outage 2302-2308 Peter Hicks 11/10/15
Reference data in both Network Rail and Network Rail Enquiry Feeds? katharin...@googlemail.com 11/9/15
Network Rail feed degradation earlier Peter Hicks 11/9/15
TD Anonymiser bug Chris Northwood 11/7/15
Security bug in www.nationalrail.co.uk michal....@gmail.com 11/6/15
Specific Movement Feed not Receiving Data Carl Glaysher 11/4/15
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