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This group/mailinglist is for users, administrators and developers of the open source LMS OpenOLAT.
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Diese Gruppe/Mailingliste ist für Anwender, Administratoren und Entwickler des Open Source LMS OpenOLAT.
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OpenOLAT 10.5.4 released Florian Gnägi 7/27/16
Tasks: Next step remains Grading (action needed), even though task has been graded Christopher K. 7/11/16
OpenOLAT 10.5.3 released Florian Gnägi 7/11/16
Not able to run the openolat.war on tomcat 7/7/16
Colums settings to all users 7/5/16
OpenOLAT 10.4.10 with mysql 5.7.11 Simon Zürcher 7/4/16
Can lists (e.g. task element acoach view) remember state of view? Christopher K. 7/1/16
Auto email reminder for courses or tests 7/1/16
OpenOLAT 10.5 released Florian Gnägi 6/27/16
Not able to access videos using static IP when domain name set to local IP 6/6/16
How to disable Session Metrics logs 6/1/16
Checkbox Overview PDF without institution identifier Christopher K. 5/27/16
OpenOLAT 10.4 and Adobe Connect Lory Mau 5/25/16
Olat 7.6 to latest OpenOlat migration issue Naresh Reddy 5/23/16
What database entries to assign a user to a group. Graham Conway 5/19/16
Do we need to upgrade to 10.4 to setup PayPal access for a course Graham Conway 5/19/16
Additional steps issue while test execution having sections Shahzad Hassan 5/18/16
Course export/import-Win/Linux issue Max Devin 5/17/16
OpenOLAT 10.4 installation on Debian Jessie 8.4 Dimitris Anogiatis 5/5/16
Visibity and access to course element oronzo lezzi 5/3/16
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