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This group/mailinglist is for users, administrators and developers of the open source LMS OpenOLAT.
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Diese Gruppe/Mailingliste ist für Anwender, Administratoren und Entwickler des Open Source LMS OpenOLAT.
Bitte besuchen Sie um mehr über OpenOLAT zu erfahren. 

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Group management via REST API B. L. 12/15/16
Testing Olat-group / limited storage Geistesbrot 12/7/16
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OpenOlat Installation using Container? Docker Ansible Vagrant? Graham Conway 11/2/16
Adding members to a course doesn't work 10/26/16
Missing groups after upgrade from olat 7.0.0 to OpenOLAT 10.3.5 Daniel Abrecht 10/26/16
Do not show the options at the end of a scorm module Sandra Hübner 10/6/16
OpenOLAT 10.5.8 released Florian Gnägi 10/4/16
2 olat servers on one tomcat server - it is possible? Jakub Wasielewski 9/22/16
Problem with "user name" in course log - OO 10.5.1 Jakub Wasielewski 9/22/16
OpenOLAT 10.5.7 released Florian Gnägi 9/15/16
OpenOLAT 10.5.6 released Florian Gnägi 9/12/16
OpenOLAT 10.5.5 released Florian Gnägi 8/26/16
Retrieve assessment results for authenticated user 8/16/16
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