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This group/mailinglist is for users, administrators and developers of the open source LMS OpenOLAT.
Please see to learn more about OpenOLAT. 

Willkommen bei OpenOLAT

Diese Gruppe/Mailingliste ist für Anwender, Administratoren und Entwickler des Open Source LMS OpenOLAT.
Bitte besuchen Sie um mehr über OpenOLAT zu erfahren. 

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OpenOLAT and AD FS (Active Directory Federation Services) 10/10/17
OpenOLAT 12 released Florian Gnägi 9/25/17
Beitreten zur OpenOlat Gruppe und Frage zur REST API Julius Schmalz 8/21/17
OpenOLAT 11.5.3 released Florian Gnägi 7/23/17
OpenOLAT 11.5.2 released Florian Gnägi 7/3/17
Image Size Phuc Luoi 6/20/17
OpenOLAT 11.5 released Florian Gnägi 6/12/17
Exchange/Update a SCORM course element D G 5/29/17
OpenOLAT 11.4.3 released Florian Gnägi 5/26/17
OpenOLAT 11.4.2 released Florian Gnägi 5/12/17
Disable grading for coach or author of course oronzo lezzi 5/3/17
OpenOLAT 11.4.1 released Florian Gnägi 5/2/17
OpenOLAT 11.4 released Florian Gnägi 4/13/17
Obtain reading rights after submitting Peetz, Dr. Angela 4/13/17
OpenOLAT 11.3.2 released Florian Gnägi 3/29/17
webdav Link with context path Phuc Luoi 3/28/17
openolat doesnt start avannam prabhu 3/28/17
Configuration of MathJax Phuc Luoi 3/28/17
Error on clicking on Booking in administrator's menu D G 3/26/17
OpenOLAT 11.3.1 released Florian Gnägi 3/24/17
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