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OpenLiteSpeed Version 1.4.24, ols1clk 1.6 and LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress are now Kevin Fwu 12/1/16
$VH_DOMAIN not working in Template SSL config (also Lets Encrypt) Mike Kasprzak 11/30/16
WARNING: can't open config file: /usr/local/ssl/openssl.cnf long 11/9/16
Apt-get update says weak encryption Navjot Singh 10/28/16
I WANT MY SITE SPEED INCREASE AND HELP Somali - Entertainment 10/25/16
OLS 1.4.23 Repo - error.log flooded "Failed to open the real time report!" Mike 10/18/16
LSCache - WordPress Plugin 1.0.10 Available Rob Holda 9/16/16
v1.4.21 - Too many open files! Taffy 8/30/16
ols1clk version 1.5 released! Enhanced Random Password Generation, MariaDB, Bug Fixes! Rob Holda 8/29/16
OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.23 Released! New Customizations, a Vulnerability Patch, and Bug Fixes! Rob Holda 8/29/16
LSCache - WordPress Plugin Available Rob Holda 8/26/16
LSCache - WordPress Plugin 1.0.9 Available Rob Holda 8/25/16
Core Dump (1.4.22 github) Casey Ryback 8/24/16
OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.21 Released! Improved Efficiency, Bug Fixes, and More! Rob Holda 8/22/16
ols1clk version 1.4 released! Rob Holda 8/19/16
OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.22 Released! Improvements, Requested Features, and Bug Fixes! Rob Holda 8/18/16
$VH_DOMAIN in template doesn't parse aliases correctly Mike Kasprzak 8/17/16 fork - MariaDB 10.1 + CSF Firewall added for CentOS George Liu 8/15/16 didn't accept --adminPassword Worajedt Sitthidumrong 8/12/16
OLS 1 Click Issue Mysql-Server Robson Lopes 8/11/16
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